Who do you think you are, Nigel Mansell?

{ Posted on Aug 25 2005 by dScribe }
Categories : F1 Stories

Ok, so this is the first post in a new category we’ve started – F1 Stories. This section is for all those funny F1 stories.. you know, the urban legends.. the folklore.. And there is so much in F1. So let’s start with the most common story (which you can retell with different driver’s names as seems to be the case on the net..):

During one Britsh Grand Prix weekend Ayrton Senna was running late for free practice. He was stopped on his way to Silverstone by a police officer for speeding. The officer came to the window and opened with, “Who do you think you are, Nigel Mansell http://storecialis.net/cialis-daily/?”. :-D

Now the spin on this one is Nigel Mansell sometimes works as a police officer (his old job). When he pulls someone over for speeding, guess what his opener is? “Who the hell do you think you are? Nigel Mansell?”.. :roll:

Ok.. so now we’ve got the bad ones out of the way let’s hear your great F1 stories! 8)

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