Buttongate – WTF!?

{ Posted on Sep 09 2005 by dScribe }
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There’s a lot of talk about whether or not Jenson Button will be at Williams or BAR next year..

All I want to know is WTF does Buttongate mean!? Every news site seems to be using the term. Is it a European reference that I don’t understand? And now we have Buttongate II. What will be next, Buttongate III – Revenge of the Sith? Buttongate Atlantis? :P

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  1. “Buttongate” is a play on Watergate, the 1970’s White House political scandal. The addition of “-gate” on the end of whatever is being discussed is meant to indicate political manuvering, but I agree with you when you say it is rather daft. The only real politics involved is how much money went where.

    And let’s hope there is no Buttongate III, otherwise it’ll probably be subtitled “And We’re All Fed Up With It”.

  2. Thank you Alianora! Very clever!! :) After one and a half years we finally have an answer :)

  3. Everything is “something-gate” in the british press. Did’nt you know, us Brits have the most unimaginative (and sleezy) presses in the world.

    It’s like the americans fascination with war….everything has to be a war on something, just like everything in the british press is a gate on something. I think these people need new imaginations.

  4. I’m waiting for the next big american war…..war on terrorism? No. War on obesity (needed, but no), War on social injustice? No. The next big thing should be war on war, a delicious irony which I’m sure all americans would buy into….with gusto. Tell the americans that the biggest threat to their much lauded freedom is war, and they’d want to declare war on it!!!!

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