Alonso takes first risk of the season

{ Posted on Oct 09 2005 by dScribe }
Categories : F1 Drivers, Formula 1 Races

A chaotic Japanese Grand Prix, but a fantastic one!

I’m glad Fernando Alonso finally tip-toed his way to the world driver’s championship in Brazil. Before then, he was too scared to push his car to the limits let-alone pass anyone. In Japan however, he finally got his agression back.

It was nice of James Allen to keep reminding us of how great Alonso is throughout the race.. Wow! He’s proving what a champion he is today! Wow! What a pass! Wow! I wish I could be as excited as Murray Walker! Wow! He really wants to win this race! Wow! He crosses the line in 3rd…

WTF!? :)

All I can say is Fernando, welcome back to the land of wheel-to-wheel racing. We know you have what it takes, we just haven’t seen it for the last 6 months or so..

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