Super-Aguri-F1-Powered-By-Honda-With-Bridgestone-Tyres is go!

{ Posted on Dec 23 2005 by dScribe }
Categories : F1 Rumours, Formula 1 Teams

It was great to hear Super Aguri F1 is 99% sure to be on the Formula One grid in 2006 (even if they have a ridiculous team name). The only disturbing thing is the fact that it will be run out of Leadfield in conjuction with a Tokyo based company. The disturbing part? The company name:

A.Company Inc

Seriously, how could anyone take these guys seriously? :P That has got to be the dodgiest company name I’ve ever heard. It’s like trying to think up a good domain name for a web site and deciding on .. which wouldn’t be a bad URL if I owned it.. but you get my point! 8) I hope the news report was wrong, I really do..

Either way, great to have you back in F1 again Mr Suzuki :)

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