Bahrain: Clean-shaven Alonso Wins

{ Posted on Mar 13 2006 by dScribe }
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Fernando Alonso has won a close battle between himself and Michael Schumacher to win the first Grand Prix of 2006 in Bahrain. Even more impressive was he did it without the help of his friend – the flavour savour! ;)

Ok, so a lot of the international audience might not get that joke, but at least you will have enjoyed a great race. :)

My main observations:

  • Nico Rosberg. Wow. And I don’t mean his haircut. Nuff said.
  • Ferrari. Welcome back. But don’t you dare start to dominate and make it another boring season for us. :)
  • Felipe Massa. Does he have what it takes? If ever there was a puzzle with a few pieces missing he is it.
  • Toyota. I wouldn’t want to be a Toyota employee on Monday (expect a lot of shouting).
  • The Champagne Bottle. It was a good move to not throw it down to your teammates off the podium Fernando. I know it’s not actually champers in the bottle in Bahrain, but come on.. :) [side note: has anyone ever seen the champagne bottle drop like that and then smash on the ground? :) ]

4 Responses to “Bahrain: Clean-shaven Alonso Wins”

  1. Wow, you write some funny stuff

    i love F1 and my fave is Schumi, been watching F1 since 1997.

    Yes i have seen the champagne bottle smash, i think it was schumi who threw it.

    Keep Writing, and oh i bookmarked you :)

  2. great stuf, a Ferrari fan hear too. Yes, I’ve seen Schumi dropped the bottle once , I think it was in belgium or austria, not sure though, but it was a terrible waste

  3. Don’t be too sure that bottle didn’t contain its normal amount of alcohol.

    As a frequent visitor to the island nation I can report many nights getting blotto on the abundant supply there. Not to mention the enormous number of Saudi’s that make the weekend trip there to do the same.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys :) It’s nice to find out how we’re doing and what we can change to make the site even better for the public.

    Ankit & Marc – I’ve now linked both of you. Cheers :)

    jhay – would have linked you too if your blog was a little more focused. But that’s cool.. :)

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