Bahrain: Clean-shaven Alonso Wins

{ Posted on Mar 13 2006 by dScribe }
Categories : Formula 1 Races

Fernando Alonso has won a close battle between himself and Michael Schumacher to win the first Grand Prix of 2006 in Bahrain. Even more impressive was he did it without the help of his friend – the flavour savour! ;)

Ok, so a lot of the international audience might not get that joke, but at least you will have enjoyed a great race. :)

My main observations:

  • Nico Rosberg. Wow. And I don’t mean his haircut. Nuff said.
  • Ferrari. Welcome back. But don’t you dare start to dominate and make it another boring season for us. :)
  • Felipe Massa. Does he have what it takes? If ever there was a puzzle with a few pieces missing he is it.
  • Toyota. I wouldn’t want to be a Toyota employee on Monday (expect a lot of shouting).
  • The Champagne Bottle. It was a good move to not throw it down to your teammates off the podium Fernando. I know it’s not actually champers in the bottle in Bahrain, but come on.. :) [side note: has anyone ever seen the champagne bottle drop like that and then smash on the ground? :) ]

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