No Malaysian Qualifying on Ch.10

{ Posted on Mar 18 2006 by dScribe }
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After surprising us by showing the qualifying for Bahrain early on Sunday morning last week, Channel 10 Australia has done a backflip and will not be showing the qualifying for the Malaysian Grand Prix. Even worse, the race itself is going to be delayed until 10:30pm on Sunday night.

The reason seems to be due to the broadcast of the Subaru Rally of Canberra during the day. Dare I say more people would watch the F1 if they flicked on to it during the day than if they flick on to the rally? :P

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  1. Thats bad !!!

    Well it was a fun session with schumi almost missing out on the 1st qualification.

    By the way we have linked to you, it would be nice if you can too link back to us

    Please do reply

  2. No problem Ankit :) Been meaning to link to you since your comments in this post –

    Thanks :)

  3. Thanks very much


  4. Please post your thoughts on the race , i am eagerly waiting for them.

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