Malaysian GP: Bits and Pieces

{ Posted on Mar 22 2006 by dScribe }

Due to popular demand (thanks for the support Ankit! ;) ) here are some thoughts on the Malaysian Grand Prix – albeit a couple of days late..

  • Giancarlo Fisichella. Well done. Deep down everyone knows Alonso is faster, but boy did this guy show a lot of spirit! Very happy for him :)
  • Kimi Raikkonen. This guy must have broken many mirrors in his lifetime, walked under lots of ladders and had a black cat cross his path every day..
  • BMW. Yes, your engines were the weakest link last year, not Williams.
  • Felipe Massa. See, it’s much more fun if you keep the car on track. You might even pull off a surprise upset and beat your teammate.
  • Juan Pablo Montoya. Do you have a hyphen in-between Juan and Pablo? Don’t answer that just go get racing!! Seriously what happened to the magic that was Juan Monster Montoya that we used to love to watch at Williams?
  • Cosworth. Talk about a jinx. The minute everyone talks about how good the Cosworth reliability is… BOOM! Strangely, am I wrong or is the Mercedes engine looking like a tidy unit this year? Hope I don’t jinx them! ;)

Look out for the possibility of wild weather in Melbourne.. until then, have fun :)

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