Australian GP – Chaos

{ Posted on Apr 02 2006 by dScribe }

The Australian GP was a real roller coaster ride this afternoon. A real mixed bag. Many highs, many lows. Some lucky, some unluck. At the end of the day the spectators were left with a fantastic show, however I think most drivers will go home disappointed. Here’s a rundown..

  • MF1 Racing. Good job not pitting your guys during the safety car periods. You got your 15 minutes of fame. Now go away and let the real racers go for it. These clowns ruined the race for everyone behind them on not one, but 2 restarts.
  • Fernando Alonso. Another solid performance. Looked like he could have run out of fuel before the finish, but aside from that scare he was on cruise-control.
  • Jenson Button. The most expensive loser in the paddock (disclaimer: he’s not a loser in the traditional sense, but he’s not a winner yet so..). In one sense I can see why Honda paid so much to keep him. He’s brilliantly fast and talented. But he’s also brilliantly cursed. Sure, Honda are to blame for his spectacular firey exit, but where was his race pace? Then again, if you compare him to his teammate, this guy could be a 10 time world champion.. :)
  • Rubens Barrichello. Speaking of Rubens, I give it 3 more races before we see the ant, Anothony Davidson in the car.
  • Kimi Raikkonen. So close, yet so far.. again.
  • Juan-Pablo Montoya. Very racey with Kimi at the start after almost crashing out of the warm up lap. He seemed to be a match for Kimi in terms of lap speed.
  • Mark Webber. Cruel luck. Although when he does achieve the dream it will be all the more sweeter.
  • Felipe Massa. I think Felipe is actually Magneto from X-Men. That would explain why he comes into contact with so many other cars and walls. Although wait, walls aren’t made of metal are they? Ok, must just be Felipe then.. :)
  • Michael Schumacher. In the good old days he would have found his way back on the track then magically appear P1 after the next pit stops.
  • Giancarlo Fisichella. You have to feel for this guy. To be told “there is now way you should be 2 seconds slower” than your teammate during a race must cut. Maybe this motivates him, but I doubt it. Anyway, it could be worse for Renault. They could have Rubens Barrichello in their car. ;)
  • Ross Braun. He had a nice chuckle at Montoya spinning off on the warm up lap. Who’s laughing now Rosco? :P
  • Channel 10 Coverage. This had to be the worst directing of a Formula One race I have ever seen in Australia. Normally we have fantastic coverage in Australia, but the coverage today was the pits. In fact, if we only saw the pits during the whole event we would have caught more of the action. Rarely did we see a passing move live (only in replays), and the commercial breaks were placed so badly that we missed the first restart behind the safety car!! 1/10.

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