Mike Gascoyne and Toyota Split

{ Posted on Apr 09 2006 by dScribe }

Mike Gascoyne’s split from Toyota was sudden, but not unexpected. I mean, picture yourself in the same situation. Your family is in England, you work in Germany. Constant travel, long hours, the pressure of a billion dollar budget on your shoulders. He’s only human.

The funny part about the coverage of their split was the talk that Mike was suspended by Toyota. It makes it sound like a high school, not a Formula One team. It may just be another case of lost in translation, but I often wish the news was reported in a more blunt fashion.

It would be more interesting to read Gascoyne Resigns, or Gascoyne Fired.. but I guess with an amicable split you just don’t get those sensational headlines.. :) Although, why state that Toyota suspended him? Hmm..

The big question now is will Mike Gascoyne move to another team.. maybe an English-based one? ;)

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