San Marino Grand Prix

{ Posted on Apr 27 2006 by dScribe }

The San Marino Grand Prix was definitely one thing – an anti-climax. Renault had Ferrari but their impatience meant they couldn’t pull it off. Even worse, the Imola circuit meant they couldn’t pull it off on track. That is probably the biggest worry – the fact that this track is impossible to pass on.

The overall result was good for the championship. Michael Schumacher proved he’s still got what it takes. Juan Pablo Montoya managed to assert himself a bit more within McLaren (beating Kimi for the first time in ages). Felipe Massa managed to stay on track for the whole race. ;)

What we didn’t need was Button and Honda ballsing it up again. And we certainly didn’t need Yuji Ide playing dodgem cars.

Ok, time for the usual quick points:

  • Ferrari seem to do magically better on Italian tracks than anywhere else. More correctly, it could be their Bridgestone tyres that perform better at the tracks they do more testing at. Expect a little slump in their performance in the next round.
  • Just when Rubens Barrichello thought he’d cracked the Davinci Code he ends up going back further and further during the race..
  • It appears McLaren have developed another car that isn’t hard enough on the tyres. Honda may be in the same position. In McLaren’s case this seems to be why the tend to run the car heavy during qualifying.. and all the time really. If only they could get closer to P1 in qualifying they’d be able to make their wonderful strategies work.
  • What happened to Red Bull? :P

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