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Renault Team Get Nice Trophy

{ Posted on May 24 2006 by dScribe }
After winning a very strange trophy at the Spanish Grand Prix, Renault have picked up a much nicer trophy at the 2006 Laureus Awards. While this trophy was nice, it wasn't as nice as the trophy Flavio Briatore was showing off earlier.. ...Read More »

Ugly Spanish Trophy

{ Posted on May 22 2006 by dScribe }
Categories : Formula 1 Races
Is it just me, or did the 2006 Spanish Grand Prix trophy look more like a TV antenna or a mobile/cell phone tower? :) Read More »

Robert Doornbos Didn’t Race

{ Posted on May 17 2006 by dScribe }
Contrary to the report that stated Robert Doornbos would be replacing Christian Klein as race driver for Red Bull Racing, Klein raced in the Spanish Grand Prix. Perhaps Doornbos couldn't race because he was injured in the incident pictured below.. ...Read More »

Spanish Grand Prix

{ Posted on May 17 2006 by dScribe }
Categories : F1 Drivers, Formula 1 Races
Well what a fantastically boring Spanish Grand Prix! :) Fernando Alonso - Great drive in a great car. Loved the little animal dance on top of the car! Can't work out whether you were trying to be a wombat or a ...Read More »

Doornbos Lands Red Bull Drivers Seat – WTF!?

{ Posted on May 12 2006 by dScribe }
According to Robert Doornbos will replace Christian Klein at Red Bull for the rest of the season. Muermans, Doornbos' sponsor, has paid 15 million Euros in sponsorship to secure the seat. They previously paid 8 million Euros for him ...Read More »