Fisichella Whinges About Penalty

{ Posted on Jun 27 2006 by dScribe }

Giancarlo Fisichella believes his drive-through penalty for jumping the start of the Canadian Grand Prix was too harsh. After the race he said:

“Yes, I made a mistake, but I immediately knew I was wrong so I let Raikkonen overtake me… I thought that would be enough as a penalty but they still gave me a drive-through penalty. Maybe they should see if changes are needed in the regulations for these kind of situations.”

I don’t know Giancarlo.. maybe you just shouldn’t jump the start in the first place!! And you certainly shouldn’t whinge about a rule which is very fair.

Rules need to be black and white. If you move before the lights go out, you get penalized. If the rules were based on Giancarlo’s “I didn’t gain anything” system we’d have so many drivers trying to bend the rules that it’d be a rolling start at the end of the day! :)

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