Michael Schumacher – Love Him or Hate Him

{ Posted on Sep 11 2006 by dScribe }

There are generally 2 types of Formula One fans – those who love Michael Schumacher, and those who hate him. Whichever category you fall into, you’d have to respect his post-race speech in Monza where he announced his retirement.

Often Schumacher seems frustrated in the post-race interviews, even when he wins. He regularly fires back blunt answers, giving the impression he’s trying to say “the answer to your question is obvious isn’t it?”. In most cases it is. But on Sunday we got to see a different Schumacher.

We got to see beyond the walls that he puts up. His farewell speech was heartfelt. He will certainly miss the sport and the special bond he has with Ferrari. It was really nice to see a humble, thankful and emotional champion say farewell. I think even the haters will be sad to see him go.. at least a little bit.. :)

3 Responses to “Michael Schumacher – Love Him or Hate Him”

  1. Well Schumi gave me my passion for F1 , so can never hate him.

    Schumi Forever !!!!

  2. Well michael its all come to end the f1 people thinks , but its not yet finished its the secret no body can knows . the germans dont give up anything untill the last breath so……… always winning a one man … so.. the rules changed how wonder is it . so…………… lets come back and show how remarkable you are . i hope you do , yes ! why not . you can .

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