Look-alike: Robert Kubica vs Gargamel

{ Posted on Sep 23 2006 by dScribe }

If Robert Kubica was racing at Renault would he look like a Smurf? Or would he still look like Gargamel? ;)

Robert Kubica vs Gargamel

PS. Ok, admittedly this is a bad shot of him.. :) We’re big fans of the man here at Fun F1.

16 Responses to “Look-alike: Robert Kubica vs Gargamel”

  1. Funny pic but i tend to think he looks more like a baby emperor penguin.

  2. *edited – sorry Kamiel – English only unless you provide a translation*

  3. non taken ;)
    Our Robert looks more like Emperor from Star Wars then Gargamel, but still it’s funny

  4. ye robert kubica ohh…
    lol hehe thepictures is a fantastis:)lol
    love kubica go go go Hamilton

  5. Robert rocks! Not quite prettiest of them all, but fabulous driver! And what a great guy he is…

  6. one hell of a good driver. hes in my good books with kovalainen. go kubica.;)

  7. HÄ™? a może NickuÅ› jest taki piekny? Kazdy ma inny gust ale jak dla mnie Robert jest bardzo przystojny…

  8. Parece muito. rsrs….

  9. edit-in some pics Robert looks a teeny bit like Boy George from Culture Club (80’s band)? plz reply

  10. Robert is not a pretty toy boy but he is handsome! He’s tall and slim and, what is the most important- he is a very tallented driver! Go Robert! :*

  11. Robert= pretty toy boy :)

  12. Looks more like ‘the Critic’

  13. Kubica is best of all

  14. he’s name is kamil, not kamiel, unless u cant read

  15. Kubica is the best! Show them how to drive!

  16. His name is Kamil, whether you can read or not.

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