Hakkinen the Backup Plan if PDLR walks?

{ Posted on Nov 30 2006 by dScribe }

There has been a lot of talk that Pedro de la Rosa is quite unhappy to have been pushed out of the second McLaren race seat back into a test driver role. The decision of McLaren to run Mika Hakkinen at Barcelona alongside Lewis Hamilton is an interesting one. It may be nothing more than some good publicity and a way for McLaren to say thank you to Mika. Although could it also be that Mika Hakkinen is McLaren’s “backup plan” if Pedro decides he’s had enough?

Unlikely.. McLaren also have the services of Gary Paffett for testing purposes.. I wonder where he is..? :)

2 Responses to “Hakkinen the Backup Plan if PDLR walks?”

  1. Yeah, and maybe Hakkinen is a back-up for Fernando Alonso now Renault wants him back. Or he might even replace Ron Dennis when he needs to go to the bath room.

    This is all just crap. Hakkinen was announced as a McLaren representative for their sponsor Johnny Walker. The only way Mika will be involved with the team itself could be him giving advice to the team. Remember he has been away for five years and a lot has changed in Formula One since then.

  2. Thus the word ‘unlikely’ in the article.. ;)

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