Ferrari – Back to their Ugly Ways?

{ Posted on Jan 24 2007 by dScribe }

Looking at the photos from Kimi Raikkonen’s first test for Ferrari, I was shocked at what I saw. After Ferrari had revealed a greatly improved livery for their 2007 car, it was disturbing to see Kimi driving a Ferrari with ugly white space all over it.

2006 Ferrari 248 F1 vs 2007 Ferrari F2007

Thankfully, it turns out Kimi was testing last year’s Ferrari 248, and not this years Ferrari F2007. Now the question is, can you spot the difference between the two cars other than their livery? I can only spot one difference.. Let’s see how you do. :)

The other disturbing thing is that Kimi’s new helmet makes it look like Jean Alesi is back behind the wheel!! Or maybe Michael Schumacher in his pre-red-helmet days.. Why do drivers these days change their helmets more than Felipe Massa changes his underpants? :)

7 Responses to “Ferrari – Back to their Ugly Ways?”

  1. Its the Sidepods – the new ones seem wider at the top.
    This is not surprising as it is well known that the F2007 is using the exact same front and rear wings as the 248. Firstly, the 2007 wings are not quite finished yet. Secondly, Ferrari dont want their “cleverness” copied before the first race.

  2. Winglets on nosesides are removewd on the 2007, also the nose itself is modified with more rounded edges.

  3. Hi Matt and Gustav.. Good observations guys! :) The main difference I spotted was the different suspension (completely different geomerty) and also the nose like Gustav pointed out..

    Can’t wait to see which cars perform this year.. it’s really a lottery :)

  4. The barge boards are also different. there’s also an intake on top of the nose just in front of the driver. Plus the rear end of the car is totally revised.

  5. As I said before, the nose and the rear wing are EXACTLY THE SAME as the 2006 models (sorry Gustav).

    I’ve also found out since that the side pods on the 2007 car are actually SMALLER (must be the difference in the angles of the photos that make them look bigger).

    Also, the Suspension Geometry IS different. This is because Ferrari have changed from a “single-keel” design to a “zero-keel” design meaning that the suspension now connects directly to the bottom of the chassis, not to the underlying keel.

  6. The BB 512 was the last really atteractive Ferreari id spend money on,
    thi snew stuff with a newer designer is soo grosse and soo unlike ferraqris nice lines that they use dto be they are pathetic looking now days,

    ferrari needsds to go get leonardo Fioravanti again andf have him design new bodies and interiors for then latest cars, not thjis whiz bang gadgetry they are in them now,
    noo much glitz and to much tech,

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