Funny Pic: Takuma Sato is 6ft Tall!

{ Posted on Feb 21 2007 by dScribe }

…minus about a foot.. ;)

How Tall is Takuma Sato?

10 Responses to “Funny Pic: Takuma Sato is 6ft Tall!”

  1. God!the jokes gone! Thats so old!

  2. haha :lol:


  3. Nat: Yeah, not the latest and greatest pic but I’d bet there’s a lot of people who haven’t seen it before – so why not.. :) Nice flickr gallery BTW.. Shame I can’t get to your GP Pix site at the moment..? :(

  4. Old but still funny ! =))

  5. Yeah…it´s so oooold,wierd and stupid ! Why dont you get a stamp collection or something insted of making fun of the F1 drivers.

  6. Fresh: Thanks for the support :) Despite a few negative comments, we feel we must be doing something right – otherwise the site wouldn’t see hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of visitors per day :)

    Gr8: Sorry, I got bored of the stamp collecting when I was like 5 years old.. ;)

  7. small man it’s fine

  8. hey, nice pic, but I was wondering if anyone can tell me the name of the chick, thanx…

  9. hahahaha funny but, wish sato san was still racing !

  10. wow the girl is amazing
    anyone know her name ?

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