Honda Earth Livery – Readers Thoughts

{ Posted on Feb 27 2007 by dScribe }

Honda F1 2007 Earth Livery

Ok people, what do you think of Honda’s 2007 Earth Livery? :)

16 Responses to “Honda Earth Livery – Readers Thoughts”

  1. a unique design and concept.

  2. Bit hypocritish of Honda I mean how economical and green to the environment is a Formula 1 car. lol
    Personally I hate it.

  3. I like it. Don’t know how well it is going to look going past on TV though.

    I prefer it to the old BAR tobacco livery.

  4. parag: BAR’s “zipper” design was unique too hehe.. ;) (you know, the one where the car was half Lucky Strike and half 555?)

    J: So true.. especially as the FIA regulations that require F1 cars to reuse ‘waste energy’ will only be introduced in 2011.

    ajh: Normally the teams do ’screen’ tests to see how the cars livery will look on TV… although in Honda’s case I have a feeling someone forgot to! ie. I think it’ll look horrible on track, but looks great stationary :)

  5. According to, they tested it on an F3 car first.

    I think it looks pretty cool :-)

  6. Tuscan: Interesting.. Just as long as the people who judged how good the livery was on the F3 car aren’t the same ones who gave the go-ahead for the zipper livery at BAR hehe ;)

    I really think from a distance people who haven’t seen the livery before won’t know what it is (unless they’re told before). Would have been interesting to see what a full green livery looks like.. :)

  7. i think it looks terrable…. and will look even worse on the TV..
    and just hides the fact that Honda couldnt find a new major sponsor….

    tho it doesnt look as bad as the Renault……

  8. I wonder if it goes off track, will they find it again?

  9. as paint goes i like it, but i was the only one i know who wasn’t retching when benetton when all united colours back in the dark ages. as a concept…it’s really just stupid isn’t it? are we to believe they’re burning bio diesel or ethanol under special sanction from the fia? or that the paint itself is biodegradeable and non toxic? they have a controversial paint job because the car appears to be crap.

  10. manuStudio: LOL! Great call! ;)

    verasaki: You liked the colourful Benetton? :) Definitely made it’s mark more than this Honda will I’m sure :)

    It really is the wrong place to make a ‘green’ statement though isn’t it? :)

  11. Looks like the car was one of the targets in a game of paintball!! The idea must cost ALOT though – in terms of missed advertising/sponsorship opportunities. They must really believe in going green!!

  12. I really like the 07 livery. They gave up tons of money in sponsorship for it for OUR planet and people criticize it.

    hypocritic of HONDA??? Get real. most air pollution comes from automobiles so its not that far fetched…. Oh and by the way, it must have done something if there now is a mileage limit on testing!

  13. i loved the honda earth cars

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