Sneaky Ferrari

{ Posted on Feb 28 2007 by dScribe }
Categories : Commercial, Formula 1 Teams

Even though tobacco sponsorship is banned this year, Ferrari were running Marlboro logos during testing in Bahrain. No doubt this will help remind viewers what the ‘barcode’ they will run in-place of the Marlboro text really stands for during Grand Prix weekends..

Sneaky Ferrari running Marlboro sponsorship

Very sneaky indeed. But I have to say the Marlboro text looks great on this years car (why on earth did you persist with a lot of white in the past Ferrari!? :) )

2 Responses to “Sneaky Ferrari”

  1. They persisted with white due to the Vodafone sponsorship :)

  2. Hmm the black might have to grow on me, it sure does define the text a lot more.

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