Connie Montoya

{ Posted on Mar 09 2007 by dScribe }

Connie Montoya.. we love you! ;)

I don’t know why, but since Juan Pablo Montoya had his first NASCAR victory we’ve had hundreds and hundreds of people hit the site searching for “connie montoya” (and hardly anyone getting here looking for Juan Pablo.. does that say anything!? ;) )

Ok, so we’re not your normal F1 news source, but the interest in Connie Montoya is crazy.. Not because she’s not a fine fine woman, but because it’s so sudden. Was there something reported in the United States that the rest of the world missed out on regarding Mrs Montoya?? :)

Not even Johanna Martinez (Mrs Villeneuve) or Raquel del Rosario (possibly already Mrs Alonso) can come close to the popularity of Connie..

Juan Pablo Montoya Mobile/Cell Phone Wallpapers:

Juan Pablo Montoya 2 Montoya Montoya 2 Juan Pablo Montoya 1

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