Melbourne: Alonso was Heavy in Practice

{ Posted on Mar 16 2007 by dScribe }

Ok, after the Tamara Ecclestone photos we though we better actually cover some of the on-track action in Melbourne today.. :)

The first gem of information we got from Ron Dennis was that Fernando Alonso was running heavy fuel loads toward the end of practice – thus the reason for his fall from a dominant pace. With that said, Ferrari still look to be slightly ahead, but not by too much.

Here are some other notable items..

Honda Livery – Looks rubbish on track as expected! Well, it’s ok if you want to look like a Mild Seven Benetton when Schumacher was there.. :P

Christijan Albers – Man, did this guy lose the plot or what? Not only did he do more lawn mowing than driving, but he was very lucky not to hit anyone. If it was actually a race and not practice he would have looked like a star :)

Lewis Hamilton – Great start. Great car. What more can be said?

Jenson Button – Dude, even Anthony Davidson will probably beat you in this race.. Honda should spend less money on their paintwork and more on their car development.

Super Aguri – Fantastic start for the team courtesy of Honda 2006 :)

Mark Webber – He might be good if his cars didn’t keep breaking down (or maybe it’s how he drives them)?

Williams – Fairly good start and will probably beat Toyota come race day.

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