Photo: Wurz Almost Gets the Chop

{ Posted on Mar 20 2007 by dScribe }

This screen capture shows just how close Alexander Wurz was to being seriously injured in Sunday’s Melbourne Grand Prix:

David Coulthard and Alexander Wurz collide in Melbourne

For a man over 6 feet tall, Wurz was extremely lucky Coulthard’s Red Bull Racing vehicle didn’t come into contact with his helmet. We wish Alexander a safer return to racing for the rest of the year.

6 Responses to “Photo: Wurz Almost Gets the Chop”

  1. Yep I think Coulthard took the Red Bull saying of “Red Bull gives you wings” far to serious

  2. Gunther: LOL! :D Great call! I should have thought of that hehe ;)

  3. HEHE gunther, it was Coulthard who was doing all the flying ;)

  4. Good thing there is no track at the tower of london :-#

  5. that crap gives you wings not haircuts!

  6. I think Jarno Trulli nees some… wings and a haircut! ;)

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