Most Popular F1 Drivers According to Yahoo

{ Posted on Mar 22 2007 by dScribe }

Here’s a little list I’ve compiled of the current F1 drivers and how many times they get searched on Yahoo each month. I’ve also included some recently retired drivers as an interesting comparison.. even better, check out the comparison with searches for some other sports stars and celebrities.. ;)

Current F1 Drivers

Kimi Raikkonen 3624
Fernando Alonso 3508
Jenson Button 1062
Scott Speed 645
Felipe Massa 580
Ralf Schumacher 567
Lewis Hamilton 493
David Coulthard 484
Robert Kubica 434
Mark Webber 388
Nico Rosberg 350
Rubens Barrichello 349
Nick Heidfeld 291
Heikki Kovalainen 288
Jarno Trulli 280
Giancarlo Fisichella 266
Takuma Sato 226
Christijan Albers 156
Vitantonio Liuzzi 105
Adrian Sutil 74
Anthony Davidson 64
Alexander Wurz 51

I have no idea how Scott Speed came in at 4th place.. or even Jenson Button in 3rd for that matter.. Lewis Hamilton is already doing well…

Ex F1 Drivers

Michael Schumacher 7625
Juan Pablo Montoya 4701
Ayrton Senna 4578
Jacques Villeneuve 995
Alain Prost 533
Mika Hakkinen 450

Ayrton truly was a legend…

Other Sport Stars

Michael Jordan 166,363
Tiger Woods 82,503
Roger Federer 16,724

Air Jordan still flying high…

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton 1,269,410


16 Responses to “Most Popular F1 Drivers According to Yahoo”

  1. People Probably think Scott Speed is a fake name and search just to make sure he is s real person

  2. Research must have been done among the US citizens

  3. i am a f1 fan but i never search through yahoo for related informations…

  4. But Paris Hilton steals the cake i would say…though I personally search for Kate Winslet and Brangelina more often;)

  5. Paris Hilton’s everywhere. I can’t believe 1.2 million searches are even necessary.

  6. StoneColdSpider – LOL! :) I’ve heard Scott Speed is actually a fake driver too.. ;)

    Parag – you’re right in both cases.. the data is for searches done from and not etc.. And yes, I never search through Yahoo either! ;)

    Clarke – Imagine how many searches she’d get if she actually did something worthwhile.. :)

  7. Most of the Americans I know Google. Paris Hilton? Maybe they’re looking for a hotel?

  8. Well, I would definitely add Damon Hill there. I was just a kid when he won the F1 World Championship, but I was his BIG fan :) . Well, he won the thing only once, but his fights with Michael Schumacher are unforgettable. Later I became Michael’s fan :) .

  9. I disagree that Lewis Hamilton is handsome, its not because he is young or a half cast, he certainly dont make my heartbeat quicker, the handsome one that makes my heart race is Michael Schumacher thats what i call a handsome guy, he has more personality and chrisma than any other driver, he is very smart and clean looking.

  10. i’m one of the kimi’s searcher…mark also..huhu

  11. in my point of view cute little massa shud b @ da top of da list+

  12. dont any of u want kovy @ the top? (i

  13. i luv heikki

  14. Really liked the article you posted actually. it really isn’t that easy to find great posts toactually read (you know.. really READ and not just going through it like some uniterested and flesh eating zombie before going somewhere else), so cheers man for really not wasting my time!

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