Look-alike: Fernando Alonso vs Lex Luthor

{ Posted on Mar 31 2007 by dScribe }

Is it just me or does Fernando Alonso look kind of evil in his latest online ads for Tag Heuer? :) The pose he has in the capture below looks very much like something Lex Luthor from Smallville would do (played by Michael Rosenbaum)..

Look-alike: Fernando Alonso vs Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum)

Heck, even the background Tag chose is similar to the Smallville promo pic! ;)

11 Responses to “Look-alike: Fernando Alonso vs Lex Luthor”

  1. hehe,

    Righto Man. but tell me sumthin, do you think that things will be ripe for Kimi to get his first championship. do u think he deserves it?

  2. I’m not sure how you measure whether or not someone ‘deserves’ a championship. If Ferrari is unbeatable this season people might say it’s just the car and Kimi doesn’t deserve it.. but what about all those years at McLaren where he really was a class act in an underperforming? :)

    So I think whoever wins the championship will deserve it – unless of course they use some dirty tactic to get there.

  3. Don’t u think Alonso is doing enough to prove himself to be a real champion? Kimi didn’t do in the last two years what Alonso in two and a half races.

  4. madjohn – Definitely. Alonso is a proven package. Kimi, despite being rumoured to be devastatingly quick, isn’t. He now has his chance to prove himself at Ferrari. Good luck to them both :)

  5. Don’t u think Alonso is doing enough ads? Tag Heuer, Renault, now Mercedes :
    Why do they do that? Isn’t he earning enough money?

  6. Well Mark, Alonso can do whatever he wants with his person, but i don´t believe he´ll be the champion again…..we have Massa and Kimi… and whay not Lewis???, he is a very good pilot.

  7. Alonso= Lex Luthor haha!
    Kimi ftw!

  8. 4 ur information u idiot ( Yobanna!) Fernando WILL win this years title and a lot more besides Lewis Big Headed Hamilton hasn’t got the bottle to be a Champion Go Alonso !

  9. Hey Alonso 1! Good On You… I Perfectly agree… Alonso kicks Hamiltons Ass!
    Yeah and is it just me (or jst because im female?) that thinks Alonso shouldn’t of cut his hair… he looked better with it long.

    Over and out, Go Alonso

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