Bahrain’s a Beach

{ Posted on Apr 16 2007 by dScribe }

The Bahrain Grand Prix was yet another fantastic result for the Championship. It was quite exciting to watch too, with most drivers finding the dusty conditions extremely difficult. It was so sandy you would have thought it was a beach event! 8)

David Coulthard – Was on track to win the race until… ;) Seriously, this was a great drive from the old man, but I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who was waiting for the time bomb to go off. And of course Mark Webber’s car broke down too in sympathy :)

Nick Heidfeld – We’ve always liked Nick here, but it just occurred to me that you need to put this guy on 1 year contracts because when his contract is coming to an end, he’s goes from being Quick Nick to just really Quick :)

Felipe Massa – Really showed Kimi up this time. Top job.

Lewis Hamilton – Wow. The only bad thing about this guy is how much the UK media is hyping him up. I remember them doing a similar thing for a certain Jenson Button… I mean we don’t really care if he’s the first rookie to be on the podium in his first 3 races do we? Jacques Villeneuve had an amazing debut in F1 too but where did he end up? When he wins races we’ll stand up, when he wins the championship we’ll bow down (and yes, could be this season too) :)

Fernando Alonso – Quite possibly one of his worst performances in.. well.. forever? :) To be fair though, the guy is so good that we’re always shocked when he’s not on the podium.

Kimi Raikkonen – No excuses really. At least Fernando can use the excuse that McLaren isn’t as fast as Ferrari yet. Could turn out to be a smart drive though because the conditions were very dangerous in Bahrain and Kimi did close on the Championship.

Robert Kubica – Methinks this might be the guy who goes to Toyota next year, not Nick.. Either Toyota or the unemployment line.. ;)

Williams Drivers – If these guys spent as much time on the track as they did off it they probably would have beat the Renaults.. :)

3 Responses to “Bahrain’s a Beach”

  1. Fernando had a bad day. Nothing more. Some people particularly the British media are putting a lot more to this story blowing it up when there really isn’t anything. Fernando was struggling with the car, Lewis wasn’t. Also I think maybe the garage accident really did some damage to that car. I’m sure Mclaren will try to get to the bottom of that because Fernando is such a consistent driver. And for him to struggle at a track he has won twice is a bit of a shock. And although he has some weak tracks like Indianapolis, Bahrain was never one of them. I’m pretty sure Alonso will be back in winning form soon. In fact I think the following races it will be soon apparent why he’s the world champion…

  2. Constantine – Couldn’t agree more :) Everyone has a bad day now and then. Just look at Valentino Rossi in the last Moto GP round :)

  3. Bahrain beaches are like paradise they are so beautifully made that it make a man free of tension, depression and goes to the dupicate of paradise

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