Will it ever rain in Bahrain?

{ Posted on Apr 16 2007 by dScribe }
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What do you guys think? Will we ever have a wet Bahrain Grand Prix? :)

7 Responses to “Will it ever rain in Bahrain?”

  1. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Blech. There’s nothing about that country that appeals to me. It’s dry, hot, littered with camel poop, and you can’t drink booze there. How upset do you think Kimi was to have to chug from that huge champagne bottle just to find that it was full of some local fruit beverage?

  3. Ivana – Never? Not even with climate change? Maybe in 10 yrs? :)

    Clarke – LOL! :) Lucky for Marlboro you can smoke and advertise smoking there ;)

  4. only if they install sprinklers all the way around the track….

  5. i think you will find it rained at the weekend before qualifying.

  6. Spidey – That could well happen one day.. :) But the easier solution for rain is to have more GPs in regions like Malaysia and the UK ;)

    Jbutton – Is that really you Jenson..?? ;) LOL! :) Very interesting that it rained the weekend before – maybe that explains why the tracks seemed extra “green”..

  7. it did rain there overnight sometime around this GP

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