Fisichella To Retire in 2011

{ Posted on Apr 17 2007 by dScribe }
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In Bahrain, Giancarlo Fisichella was asked when he’ll retire from Formula One. His answer is a really messed up way of thinking if you ask me.

He stated that he wants to stay in F1 until he beats the record for the most number of Grand Prix starts. The record is currently held by Riccardo Patrese, who started 257 Grand Prix. Fisichella has so far only completed 181 Grand Prix.

I want to beat the world record before I consider leaving the circuit.

If there continues to be 17 races per season in Formula One, that means Giancarlo wants to race until at least 2011! Even funnier is the fact that he wants to stay with Renault for the rest of his F1 career. I’m sure Nelson Piquet Jr might have something to say about that! 8)

Seriously though, Giancarlo should be focusing on wins and not on how many GPs he’s been in. If that’s the sort of record he’s after he should stop being a seat warmer and make way for a new talent (we’re going to need it if Lewis Hamilton keeps this up ;) ).

7 Responses to “Fisichella To Retire in 2011”

  1. Bernie wants him to go earlier, so he is working on 20 race calendar :-)

  2. LOL! Great call schwarzwolf! :)

  3. Great! But Fisichella’s goal is insignificant.

  4. he knows thats the only record he can hold since Michael Shcumacher hodls the rest :P

  5. inter797 – That’s exactly it. What a silly “goal” to have! His goal should be to win more races!! :)

    Stoney – Hmm.. I just thought, maybe I should start calling you Spidey instead of Stoney? ;) Or Coldy? Nahh.. :)

  6. he should of retired years ago he and his renault cant bring any results anymore.renault dies,ferrari wins /forzaferrari

  7. It wouldnt suprise me if he is not allowed to finish out the season with Renault. He has proven to be the worst driver in a top car over the past 3 seasons… and now that he is underperforming again this season, I look for nelson jr to take his place. Perhaps even as soon as the USGP.

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