Mark Webber World Record Slowed

{ Posted on Jun 21 2007 by dScribe }
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It seems Mark Webber’s attempt to have a record number of DNFs is slowly coming to an end as he’s now managed to finish 2 Grand Prix in a row.. :)

7 Responses to “Mark Webber World Record Slowed”

  1. Thank goodness! Though since DC was looking a likely contender to immediately take the record off Mark, perhaps it was a team record attempt…

  2. wats a dnf

  3. Alinora – It seems Adrian Newey’s cars always have a lot of “teething problems” eh? Hope Red Bull get on top of it because they look like they could eventually be the 4th quickest team after BMW.. :)

    Ivana – DNF = Did Not Finish :)

  4. now that we have jinxed him he wont finish another race for the rest of the year….

  5. hate alonso

  6. no matter what, he’s still my no. 1 driver..go go mark

  7. i also hate alonso…but i’m a fan of nick heidfeld!!!!yeah…
    go heidfeld go!!!

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