Malcolm in the Middle to GP2

{ Posted on Jun 22 2007 by dScribe }
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There was a blast of coolness in the McLaren camp during the US Grand Prix with producing legend Pharrell Williams there to support Lewis Hamilton. However a more interesting story came from the visit of Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz to the track.

I didn’t even realise it but Frankie currently races in the Champ Car Atlantic series and last year competed in the Formula BMW USA Championship. At the US Grand Prix Frankie stated he’s looking for a GP2 drive in 2007!

No offence to Frankie, but his results in the other series are rather dismal (currently 27th in the Atlantic championship with 4 points), so to be looking for a GP2 drive… Well, one can hope I guess.. :)

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  1. A thing about Frankie is his arrogance, i remember seeing the interview of the director of Cody Banks movie and he said it straight to the camera , that Frankie Muniz is so full of air due to his Malcolm in the Middle series, never liked him from them

    But its news to see he is racing :P , alternate career option !

  2. I guess it’s the child star syndrome with Frankie from what you’re saying Ankit.. They certainly live in a different world to us :)

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