Photo: Lewis Hamilton’s Girlfriend Jodia Ma

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There was a lot of heated debate when we posted a photo that made Lewis Hamilton seem gay (bad camera angle), so we’re here to set the record straight this time.

Here is a picture of Lewis Hamilton’s long-term girlfriend Jodia Ma.

Lewis Hamilton girlfriend Jodia Ma

They met at Cambridge Arts & Science College where he was studying for his GCSEs from 2001-2002. Jodia actually lives in Hong Kong but this shouldn’t pose a problem given Lewis’ salary (or even more scary, his potential salary). It is believed Lewis ordered a £10,000 diamond bracelet for Jodia to celebrate his F1 success.

Interestingly, when asked how it felt to claim his first pole position in Formula One, Lewis replied: “It’s completely different, but, you know what, it is better than sex.” I wonder what his first win the next day was like then! ;)

43 Responses to “Photo: Lewis Hamilton’s Girlfriend Jodia Ma”

  1. Not from Thailand then?

  2. ur not suggesting mail order bride are u Frankie ;)

  3. she must be a crap lay

  4. he could do far better!

  5. Why don’t you get a life and leave him alone. He likes girls so get lose

  6. you bunch of gimps.

  7. she is lovely! go jo!

  8. Lewis, you should see me, after that you will forget about that Jodia i swear :D

  9. haha, awful i say

  10. People need to leave Lewis and Jodia the hell alone.Who chose your girlfriends or boyfriends for you?I can see horns growing on the top of your heads…and green/jealousy does not suit any of you.Get over yourselves.Lewis has a life and you might want to consider getting one too.

  11. She’s cute. I wonder how long they’ll be together, coz i’m next in line!!

  12. Which is Jodia, the blond or the dark haired one?

  13. doesn’t matter which one because neither one is cute.

  14. hola!Soy española y e oido que hamilton esta con natasha bedingfield (como se escriba)

  15. is either one his girl, i’ve never seen him with her at parties or social events, most likely an ex

  16. hei lewis , congratulations on your winning. about your gilrfriend i think she ok but she not fit with you sorry to say that.

  17. shes the one on the right… and shes hoooooooooooot


  19. I wanna have sex with Lewis.I love u babe

  20. She’s a beauty..very feminine…so don’t be jeslous of her…american women can take a lesson from those oriental beauties!

  21. This is rubbish, Lewis was seen with 4 girls at 1 point this year, and was reported to be going out with all of them.

    However, Lewis denied this in an interview and said he is single, so how can that be his girlfriend? :S

  22. WOW i was expecting a super model look alike!!
    Ok she’s pretty but cm’on she ain’t exactly a stunner. He could do so much better :P

  23. hei lewis how are you , I want to say something about your girlfriend , you and your girlfriend jodia ma
    are not areally grest couple and many people says that. don take it seriusly ok bye……….

  24. Jodia is lovely, and most importantly she has a good heart. Hamilton is lucky to have her. Plus, she loves him even when he had nothing.

  25. i dnt care who he is with as long as they are both happy and every gilr can dream!!
    ur a lucky girl jo

  26. they r so cute togeter

  27. they r no longa 2gether
    they brke up in lyk may
    coz of the distance

  28. for the 3rd person “me” who commented on 1/7/07 saying Jodia must be crap. I can guarantee that you are lower and more CRAP than her to say such thing. that is just you being a racist. leave her alone, mind your own business and get a life.

  29. What a lot of crap comments, a lot of them anyway. Why can they not leave Lewis (and Jodia) alone? It should be pointed out that Jodia was together with Lewis before he became famous, which is a plus for anyone.

  30. Shame Lewis didn’t have a school sweatheart from his home town but one of ‘em went + kissed + told. It would be great to see a home girl get with the homeboy. Lewis is a chip of the ol’ block – I knew his dad back in the day + HE was fine in those days too ;-)
    I’m so proud to be from the same town than Lewis, so is my son + if the worlds’ looking for the next big thing from Stevenage, England, there’s loads of talent here + I’m pretty sure one or both of my sons will be among them!!

  31. It’s a shame that Lewis didn’t have a school sweatheart but the one he did have kissed + sold… It would be great to have a home girl with the homeboy but I wish him luck whoever he chooses. Lewis is a chip off the old block – I knew his dad back in the day + HE was fine too ;-)
    We’re sad to see him leave Hertfordshire + not see him at the local golf course during races but I expect he’ll come to open the road which will be named after him.
    I’m so proud to be from the same town as Lewis, so is my 16 year old son + if the worlds’ looking for the next big thing from Stevenage, England then there’s loads of talent here + I’m pretty sure one or both of my sons will be among them!!

  32. I think its a shame wen people get to the level that he is at in his career and then loads of girls become obsessed and many lies get told. Iv just watched him on top gear and he is a genuinly nice person and hope he gets everything he wants from life. Its just made my blood boil readin all the bitchy comments but hey im already pissed due to something on my vw golf mk2 just breaking 3 days before its due to go for its engine conversion!

  33. This man is going to be a champion for many years to come. You can see it in his psychological make-up: comfortable with himself, no conflicts, calm, relaxed, in control, confident, single point concentrated focused mind, unconcerned with criticism, no addictions, no dependencies, unattached, uncorrupted, optimistic, following his dream passionately, no regrets, looking to the future instead of living in the past, no inflated ego, everything to gain and nothing to lose – all the trademarks of a natural born winner. A man who says “Yes I can”, where the afraid say “No I can’t”.

    Look outside the window? Realistically, how many people would you find on the streets of Britain, who embody all of these positively charged character traits?

    Looking at it from another perspective, it is not so much that Hamilton chose F1 racing cars as the one love, more so that the F1 racing cars chose Hamilton as the one.

    His destiny is for greatness!

  34. If he’s happy with her then so be it. I’m just saying it should be me he’s with. Hehe. Love him to bits!

  35. lewis plz cum 2 south africa-we luv u!

  36. Saw her at Monaco and all i can say is “Was lewis Fed up , Hard up or Both?”

    Makes Collen rooney look Human

  37. does anyone know what school he went to originally?

  38. i agree both are ugly..

  39. hi lewis hamilton oooow i love u so mach u soo taaf gaey
    i wish to see u evry moment am nine teen yers old and
    am the girle u lookin for u fueger by

  40. Lewis wheather you like it or not im ur future wife and you my husband.If you dont come to Naija ill come wed you myself in London.Yeah ill stalk you till we wed.And to all does lewis girlfriend wannabees,HE’S MINE.

  41. well i think his new girlfriend nicole is just in it for the money
    an he disearves better alot better i like her an all love the pussycatdolls but i still think he should keep on looking there are way prettier girls out there for him

    i love you lewis i am your biggest fan an good look in next race

    charlotte wharton
    xoxoxoxoxo lyl xoxoxoxoxo

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