Photo: Lewis Hamilton’s Girlfriend Jodia Ma

{ Posted on Jun 29 2007 by dScribe }
Categories : F1 Wives & Girlfriends

There was a lot of heated debate when we posted a photo that made Lewis Hamilton seem gay (bad camera angle), so we’re here to set the record straight this time.

Here is a picture of Lewis Hamilton’s long-term girlfriend Jodia Ma.

Lewis Hamilton girlfriend Jodia Ma

They met at Cambridge Arts & Science College where he was studying for his GCSEs from 2001-2002. Jodia actually lives in Hong Kong but this shouldn’t pose a problem given Lewis’ salary (or even more scary, his potential salary). It is believed Lewis ordered a £10,000 diamond bracelet for Jodia to celebrate his F1 success.

Interestingly, when asked how it felt to claim his first pole position in Formula One, Lewis replied: “It’s completely different, but, you know what, it is better than sex.” I wonder what his first win the next day was like then! ;)

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