British GP – Hamilton given Slow Car, Alonso given Fast

{ Posted on Jul 10 2007 by dScribe }
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I can understand James Allen being pained by the fact that Lewis Hamilton had no chance of winning the British Grand Prix on the weekend, but the excuses really have to stop. Not only was James making excuses for Lewis, but the normally well balanced and unbiased Martin Brundle was doing the same!

It started with James constantly saying Lewis had a “slow car” under him or that his “car was slow at the moment”.. A subtle difference to saying something along the lines of “Lewis is slow at the moment”, I know, but it got worse when both James and Martin were convinced Lewis must have a problem in the car.

The next thing you know they’ll be saying Lewis was given a slow car and Fernando was given a fast car.. 8)

Many factions of the media really “baby” Lewis. All I can say is he’s lucky BMW were somewhat off-form on the weekend and that Massa was out of contention, or his Championship lead would have been considerably less. Yes, he is a rookie, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t make mistakes and that others should be praised any less.

Fernando Alonso – Really showed up teammate Lewis Hamilton. Sheer magic that he came out of the first round of pit stops ahead of both Lewis and Kimi!

Kimi Raikkonen – While Fernando Alonso’s first pit stop was magic, the laps Kimi put in for the 2nd round of pit stops were even more magical. What a fantastic comeback from the Finn! He really does look like he can be a Championship threat now.

Felipe Massa – Fantastic passing from the back of the grid! Hit a bit of a road-block when he got up to about 7th place, but great damage-limitation. Would have probably been a Ferrari 1-2 if he didn’t have problems at the start. Equal man of the race with Kimi :)

Lewis Hamilton – Somewhat lucky to get 3rd. Another poor start (I thought you can only change your racing line once?).. ballsed up the first pit stop (the fuel guy did a super job to not fall over and to keep the fuel going).. ended up a long way back.. Still managed to get some valuable points though.

Robert Kubica – This guy is on fire! :)

Renault – They look to be making a bit of a comeback.. Nice to see.

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