Lewis Hamilton is Sexy

{ Posted on Jul 11 2007 by dScribe }

We get the odd groupie on this web site. Generally they’re young teenage girls. An interesting demographic that Bernie Ecclestone might explore one day (or maybe Tamara Ecclestone should?)..

At first we had girls obsessed with Fernando Alonso and his girlfriend Raquel del Rosario. Then, as soon as Kimi moved to Ferrari we had the Kimi Raikkonen fan club really gather momentum.

Now it’s Lewis Hamilton fever. We noticed a lot of “sexy” searches to the site lately, so we thought we’d have a look at just who (or what) the fans think is sexy.. Here’s all the searches bringing “sexy” back lately… ;)

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I guess the general opinion is Lewis Hamilton is sexy then? :) Unless all those searches were done by Jodia Ma?? ;)

54 Responses to “Lewis Hamilton is Sexy”

  1. no…..not sexy….he has a great smile though….good teeth!!

  2. My girlfriend has now started to watch the F1 coverage with me, but only the build up, to see Lewis…pfft.

  3. Of course he is sexy….you could sit a bucket of maggot infested, dog vomit on the seat of the MP4-22 and it would look sexy. It’s the car! ;)

  4. Hmmmm drivers—sexy. not a connection I ever made actually, although I did have a major crush on Jackie Stewart when I was …..muuucchhh younger… a fact that I’d forgotten until I actually-and literally- bumped into him in an airport on my way to Montreal in ‘96 or ‘97. I was magically transformed to a 6 or 7 year old again. I very nearly gushed-ok, I did gush but I recovered nicely! And I think he thought it was funny ( as in ha ha, not scary) Does that count? I’m afraid I have to agree with Jason. Gorgeous men can be found everywhere…and some of them actually have necks! A F1 car….you just don’t glance over while you’re stuck in traffic and see one of those, do ya?

  5. beurkkkkkkkkkk

  6. Lewis Hamilton is as sexy as a pigs asse! He is putting us off F1 !
    Thank God for kimi and alonso! PLS someone ride him into the nearest
    damn wall !

  7. Ferrari Babe, I couldn’t have said it better myself!!

    Seriously, Hamilton is not hot! He makes me wanna puke!
    He’s just an arrogant, F***wit!

  8. thank you at lease sum ppl know wazt they talkin about hamiliton is a a-hole from my side

  9. yes of course he is SEXY…hamilton is a bad boy

  10. HAMILTON IS NOT SEXY!!!!!!!!!!

  11. hamilton is make me sick!!! :P

  12. Hamilton is very very very sexy

  13. just give me a brake!!!!!!!!!!!! If Hamilton is sexy what is Alonso????
    I ‘ve seen so many photos of the sexy spanish boy and he’s just perfect!!!!
    smiling,not smiling,laughing, upset, in Renault’s suit,in Mc Laren’s ,he’s so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ummm sexy?? don´t you see he´s black??

    he can´t be sexy, he´s black

  15. WOW “from Sydney” you’re pretty harsh!!! Just becuz someone iz blk does not mean they are not good looking, thts jst extremely low! Lewis Hamilton has done very well in F1, and has now shown those f*kwits like Alonso exactly how to drive properly. All this time they’ve drove like t1ts, and now cuz they knw they have great competition their starting to get jealous. 1. by his looks and great personality and 2. Becuz he actually drives brilliant and controls the car like a F1 driver is spoze to do!!!! So fingers crossed lewis will win the championship in 2 wks, and gd luck to him. He deserves it!!!……And yes Hamilton iz fit as, everything about him iz perfect, those ov u tht disagree need ur eyes testing. ;)

  16. All you who said he’s not sexy you are jeleous.

  17. Dam right caren!!

  18. Ya damn right hes sexy.
    All your mothers are thinking of him while they’re having sex with your fat ass dads!!!!

  19. lewis hamilton is sex on legs and watching him yesterday i felt well sorry 4 him i wnted to give him a hug bless him he did really well though!!!
    no on take notice of tht sydney girl she low!!!

  20. hi
    i think lewis is such a great formula 1 driver


    And damn right he is gute

  21. hi
    i think Lewis is such a great formula 1 driver


    And damn right he is cute

    PS : thats sydney Girl is low

  22. OMG………….., i have a HUGE CRUSH on Lewis Hamilton. He is everything a girl wants!!!!!! he is cute, talented, and not to mension, SEXY!!!!!! ( oh yes, SYDNEY GURL!!!!!!! u aint got no taste!!!) lol…… btw, if u ever happen to read this, please REPLY!!!!! I am a huge FAN!!!!!!!!!
    i’ll do anything in the world to actually meet you in person….. Keep up the good work, man!!!!!!

  23. sudney bitch u just blind cant u c hes sexy

  24. My boyfriend has started to watch the F1 just because of LH.

  25. OMG!!!!!!! sydney u racist blind thing. get yur eyes tested woman.
    hes perfect the looks and so bloody talented. love you lewis. bout the speedin well it jus makes you look even more perfect like a true bad boy. good on u babe !!!! – if u eva do happen to read this pls send me an autograph pls cuz im absloulty crazy bout you i’ve got posters of u up on my wall.
    gud luck wid everything!!!!!!!

  26. He is proper fit and sexy!!! how dare you say ha’e not!!! im in love wiv him!!

    lewis hamilton 4 eva!!!
    does anyone know wer to gat a pister of him from? i love him so much and it is my dream 2 meet him!!

  27. He is proper fit and sexy!!! how dare you say ha’e not!!! im in love with him!!

    lewis hamilton 4 eva!!!
    does anyone know wer to gat a poster of him from? i love him so much and it is my dream 2 meet him!!

  28. hamilton is SOOOO sexy. i cant believe u think hes ugly

  29. Hamilton and Alonso are both VERY different people but both really cute, fit and so sexy! And on top of that both really talented at what they do, driving cars quickly. And both of them have really nice bums!…like most of the F1 drivers actually – great arses!

  30. hamilton is SUPER hot and he knows it

  31. lewis is sooo hot, hav u seen him topless, his arms r lovely and he has a perfect 6 pack

  32. lewis is sooo hot hav u seen him topless his arms r lovely and he has a perfect 6 pack

  33. hes perfect

  34. If anyone hasnt noticed yet, alonso is half hamiltons height. He is easily the shortest man in F1A. Dont forget hamilton is just a rookie and hes owning the F1A even with his terrible blunder in montreals Grand Prix. Enough said. Hamilton is the most sought after bachelor in Europe and that fact alone makes him irrestible to women. the color of his skin doesnt matter, he could be green and woman would still want him.

  35. your damn right hes perfect. Cute, fit and cool

  36. lewis is one of the hottest men in the world

  37. Lewis is so fit!!!!!!!!!!! Did you see those abs when he took his top off at the after party in Monaco???? He is soooo cute!!!! i am sick of people judging him when they do not know him personally. its just childish and pathetic and one word that springs to mind is JEALOUS!!!!!

  38. whos not jealous of lewis. boys wanna b him and girls want him

  39. im fancy lewis so much hes so cute and fit. when he took his top off after he won at monaco did u c his arms and his 6 pack was awesome, however hes a bad boy hoos arrogant n cocky hu just pretends 2 b nice. But sumhow dis makes him hotter

  40. how can u call him arrogant and he doesn’t pretend 2 b nice he is nice. Oh, and hes fuckin fit

  41. Hamilton is God damn sexy. Bloody hell. I would kill for a night with him! The sexiest creature on earth. And he is hot! Not to mention his talents and all. The sexiest and the most talented Formula 1 driver out there. And will be the champion this year. Goooo Hamilton goooo!

  42. Lewis is not sexy. But he so cute and sweet. Ps: he is so fit

  43. Hello ladies and gents (if there’s any),

    Well, first off, I’m a Kimi fan and yes, I’m also quite active at the ‘other’ site, which is the Fernando-Raquel’s one. So, what interest do I have for this Lewis’ bloke? Just want to say that this guy is talented. Even though I’m no fan of his, I admit that fact. About him being sexy, hmmm…. well, I think it’s subjective. He’s fit though. Sexy? No, not for me.:-)

  44. Lewis Hamilton Is Well Fit !! His Teeth Are A Bit Wierd… I Love Formula One… Kimi Raikonnen Aint Bad Either

  45. lewis hamilton is dead sexxxxy! he’s cute hot body, dreamy eyes … and that smile (SIGH) WHAT MORE COULD U WANT?!

  46. He’s hot. So is Alonso. So is Kimi. The best ones have it all ;)

  47. -Drool-
    So damn sexy. Nelson Piquet Jr is hot too. But not as hot as Lewis.
    -Drool- This is why i watch F1.


  48. Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexy try fight wid me bout this lol.x

  49. Euuuugh lmao Nelson Piquet Jr is a beast. Did you see the sex on fire video on itv1 [Drool] just that makes my heart flutter. Hamilton is HAAAAWT! Boo! Nicole Sherzinger your lucky :(

  50. he is soooooooooooooo sexy and fit boy would i do him lol

  51. Lewis Hamilton is fuckin gawjus
    He’s Well fit
    i hate nicole scherzinger the fukin man
    how can he lyk her
    he’s a sexi fuk :P
    i love lewis Hamilton

  52. hmm..LH can qualify for one of snow whites dwarfs..and u can push a finger through those front teeth of his…:O

  53. Lewis is gorgeous and sexy!!! I just love him!!!!!

  54. Hi, I think Lewis is gorgeous………. I know its’ a while ago but I have just read the posts from this website and I can’t believe Sydney she is so racist. It’s ridiculus to allow that post to be displayed for so long. I’m not just saying that because I am a Lewis fan I just think it’s mean. But yes he is very sexy and I am so glad he won the F1 Drivers Championship 2008, he will be back for next year. If you ever read this Lewis you are brilliant, keep up the good work cos as far as i’m concerned you are the best driver in formula 1…..xxx

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