Lewis Hamilton is Sexy

{ Posted on Jul 11 2007 by dScribe }

We get the odd groupie on this web site. Generally they’re young teenage girls. An interesting demographic that Bernie Ecclestone might explore one day (or maybe Tamara Ecclestone should?)..

At first we had girls obsessed with Fernando Alonso and his girlfriend Raquel del Rosario. Then, as soon as Kimi moved to Ferrari we had the Kimi Raikkonen fan club really gather momentum.

Now it’s Lewis Hamilton fever. We noticed a lot of “sexy” searches to the site lately, so we thought we’d have a look at just who (or what) the fans think is sexy.. Here’s all the searches bringing “sexy” back lately… ;)

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I guess the general opinion is Lewis Hamilton is sexy then? :) Unless all those searches were done by Jodia Ma?? ;)

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