Nurburgring – ‘Massa the Swerve’

{ Posted on Jul 25 2007 by dScribe }
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What an amazing European Grand Prix. Early on it was a lottery, but later on it certainly came alive time and time again. There’s been a lot of controversy before and after this GP so let’s get straight to the points and cover the controversy elsewhere:

Fernando Alonso – What an adaptable beast this Alonso is. He didn’t put a foot wrong (unless you count his big slide in qualifying). He kept out of trouble early on. He constantly tweaked the car during pit stops. As a result he constantly improved throughout the race while others went backwards.

As for his outburst at Felipe Massa after the race I think that’s great for the sport. A bit of passion! I’m surprised there’s not been any comparisons to Ayrton Senna lately. Interesting that he was so quick to apologise to Felipe (and multiple times during the interviews too). Says a lot about his character. Full marks.

Felipe Massa – Ok, he did well to keep Alonso behind him for a while, but what’s up with all this swerving all over the track? It reminds me of ex-Ferrari driver Eddie Irvine, a.k.a “Irv the Swerve”. Don’t the rules state a driver can only make one move to block the opposition before a corner? It’s no wonder Fernando accused Felipe of deliberately hitting him. Didn’t look too bad from the normal shots but when you see the overhead helicopter view.. Hmmm??

Kimi Raikkonen – Is it Kimi the Ice Man or Kimi the Car Breaker?

Lewis Hamilton – Keeping the engine running was really brilliant. One of the best things he’s done all year. Shame it didn’t result in, well, a good result.. 8)

Nick Heidfeld – Sure, Robert Kubica hit him first, but that didn’t mean he had to go hit him back and hit everyone else in the field!! :)

Mark Webber – Great job from the Aussie! Almost ballsed it up on the last corner but managed to make it a great weekend for us Aussies (Casey Stoner and Chris Vermeulen came 1-2 in the Moto GP the same night). What’s more remarkable is Mark’s car didn’t break!! 8)

ITV Crew – Fantastic job on not showing blatant Lewis Hamilton fanboyishness and bias. James Allen tried his best but managed to keep it at bay. Was it just because Hamilton was having such a bad race? I think they may have had a few complaints because they didn’t even go on much about how Lewis kept the engine running even though they had every right too (yes, feel free to use the words “brilliant”, “smart”, “intelligent” etc etc).

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