Hamilton Vs Alonso- What do you think?

{ Posted on Aug 06 2007 by dScribe }

During qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix the tension between Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso exploded. With the race now run we’d like to hear your thoughts on what happened.

Are you a Hamilton fan who feels cheated by Alonso (but happy that Lewis came away with the win)? Are you an Alonso fan who feels he was a scapegoat? Or maybe you’re just sick of the championship being “handled” off the track instead of on it.. We’d love to hear your thoughts :)

45 Responses to “Hamilton Vs Alonso- What do you think?”

  1. I think Hamilton is a little baby and ruined Alonso’s race. Alonso should have won that race. It will cheapen the title if Hamilton wins it.

    I also think the Hamilton has a foul mouth.

  2. If a driver dont respect team orders, causes penalty to teamate and team, shows brazenness telling that dont know why his teamate dont talk to him and finally he receives a prize for all this (1st Hungarian GP)…

  3. However, Hamilton has attempted to build bridges between himself and Dennis after disobeying team orders during qualifying and then reportedly launching a furious tirade at the team boss when he was held up by Alonso at the end of the session.

    “When you don’t obey a team order from your team boss, who has given you the opportunity, it’s a difficult situation,” he said.

    “But in the end you have to stand up for what you believe and how you feel. I am in a lot of trouble with my boss, I probably am, but that’s the way it goes.

    “I apologised to the team for the decision I took when I was out there. I apologised to Ron and said it wouldn’t happen again.”


  4. And he can repeat it again in the next GP’s, later he apologises and all is OK. xD
    Hamilton for me is the most indecent driver in the F1 now.

  5. u disobay ur boss u get punsihed… dont b surprised if Hamilton aint quite as competitive in the next GP….

  6. hamilton should remember who his boss is and who pays him, the organisers are Brits arn’t they.? lets race on the track not in the stewards room

  7. Give Hamilton a break. He speaks up about a 10 sec hold in the pits, on which he was correct. You don’t always agree with the boss do you. The boss is sometimes wrong. Alonso is still the biggest whiner in F1. He had the chance to slot in with Hamilton and close out Kimi, but he stomped off like the baby he is.

  8. I had alot of sympathy for what happened to Lewis at Monaco, and I was impressed with the way he carried himself, despite the immense disappointment. But what happened at Hungary was very distasteful. Using foul words against the very person who had nurtured him & given him the break in F1 many would’ve killed for?? Unacceptable!

    I’m not slagging him off(yet), I still think he’s a great guy with a great F1 future. But he needs to learn to channel his frustrations/anger/win-at-all-cost-attitude into the right avenues. Be graceful. Why do you think M.Schumacher didnt quite manage to galvanise as much adoration from the fans as Ayrton Senna did? Senna wasnt perfect(think of the collision with Prost), but Senna was graceful.

  9. Great Stuff! I hope they go tit for tat for the rest of the season! With McLaren focusing internally, Ferrari will come through no problem. Personally I think Lewis is getting too big for his boots. Who else would dare defy their boss so soon after being hired? And who is he to think he should be given better opportunities than a two time world champion?

    Two hot headed, emotional drivers at McLaren – The Iceman at Ferrari, who would you back? Before the end of this season, Lewis & Alonso will take each other out of at least one race – mark my words! All good for Kimi!

  10. Give Hamilton a break!! I don’t think so!!, think its time Alonso was treated with the respect he has earned over the last two and a half years, he is having to play second fiddle to Hamilton, who has had the most extraordinary luck (and an excellent car) to start off his rookie season. I don’t think he conducts himself well, he talks too much! We have seen how he behaves if he does not get his own way.
    Alonso has to try and explain things in English to the biased commentators, it must be so frustrating.
    What a hollow victory for Hamilton in Hungary.

  11. Both Hamilton and Alonso needs break!!! Hamilton made big mistake and this has cost many points for the team!!! Don’t forget is very very young driver and some times we have forget that he is rookie!!!! Anyway Ron Dennis know how to solve this issues!!! And I believe that his mind all this time is to solve spy saga!!!
    I think Alonso would like to have more support from McLaren and not to be equal with Hamilton!!! McLaren is a strong organization and for sure they will solve all!!!

  12. Hamilton @(#º in the face of Dennis and failed to all the equipment. If Dennis it is really the boss must take measures with the novice, else nobody will respect him, and may be will lose until his positio

  13. Sack Alonso and offer Schummi the free McLaren seat… what fun that’d be ?

  14. How Hamilton learns?
    Next GP with De la Rosa in the car nº 2.

  15. Lewis was wrong to disobey Ron but the stewards didnt penalize the team for that , but for Alonsos immature and pathetic response buy denying Lewis the chance to prove he could have taken pole.Alonso was at fault throwing his dummy out of his pram!!!!!!!

  16. Team orders, especially with 2 really good F1 drivers, are nuts -
    and by the way are not allowed in F1 anymore – do you remember???

    Team orders ruin the race as they did yesterday.

    But this is not Hamiltons fault. It`s Ron Denis` fault. He gives more chances to Alonso – but he obviously forgets that Hamilton is leading the championship – not Alonso

    And this is because Hamiltion does hardly make many mistakes – but Alonso does. Bad for Alonos – but again not Hamiltons fault!

    Alonso is obviously not capable of accepting, that there is a really young driver – an absolute newcommer in his own team – who shows better results than he does – Complaining does not help in this situation – only to show better results does.

  17. I used to have alot of respect for alonso, the way in which he has delt with entering a new team as 2 time world champ, having a rookie team mate as good as hamilton and not being top dog in the team as he was used to, he may have spat the dummy a few times but i still had respect for him.
    That respect has gone.
    Fair enough lewis didn’t make way for fernando but he did what he thought was right. Wouldn’t anyone?? Fernando backed off and still put in some good times so i dont see what the problem was.
    When alonso held hamilton up for a full 10 seconds that was out of order and i dont agree with what lewis said to ron on the radio BUT i dont blame him either, he’s there to do a job and when his team mate disrespected him like he did he had a right to feel angry.
    I would have liked no action to have been taken and the grid left as it was just to see lewis take alonso down and win out right but we aint gonna know what might have been, its a real shame that things like this come down to a stewards decision.
    If things continiue to be up in arms like this the rest of the season is going to be interesting!!!

  18. I think, formula one is racing, FIA, punish Alonso and Mclaren based on a non competive issue, is a contradition, they solve the problem in a desk and what about the competive issue, also Alonso just follow orders, why penalize him, totaly absurd. Viva Alonso.

  19. 1) Team orders are not allowed, but Team tactics YES, and much more in clasification.
    2) Alonso NOT HELD HAMILTON. THE TEAM HELD HAMILTON. REMEMBER THIS!!! Don’t be blinds fans!!!! I’m fan of the MCLAREN-MERCEDES TEAM.
    4) Hamilton OUT, NOWWWWWWW !!!! He harms the equipment.

  20. 5) Nobody in the equipment speaks now with Hamilton. That is the true verdict to all this.

  21. alonso should shut up and get on with it all f1 is a race so if he gets beat so , hes nowt but mouthy git

  22. The actions of the FIA stewards were way out of line. Their ruling was clearly an intrusion of, and interference with, the McLaren team’s ability to formulate and apply a specific strategy for this race. In addition, this unprecedented action seems to have no real basis in the FIA’s own regulations governing Formula 1 racing conduct. In short, they were wrong to insert themselves in an internal process with no consequence to anyone outside the McLaren team.

    It appears that much of the furor that has surrounded Lewis Hamilton has been encouraged by the FIA, who seem to have their own agenda to turn him into the Tiger Woods of Formula 1. What they don’t seem to understand is that while they may increase the number of members in Lewis Hamilton’s fan club, true fans of the sport do not appreciate their efforts to showcase Hamilton to their advantage, especially when that includes decisions like the one at Hungaroring allowing him an unfair advantage over other drivers. Their actions certainly do nothing to demonstrate the honesty and strong moral principles long associated with Formula 1. Loyal fans will be lost in the long run if the governing bodies fail to be vigilant and consistent in their efforts to preserve the absolute integrity of Formula 1.

    As for Mr. Hamilton, he was, in effect, rewarded for his blatant disregard of team’s directives, as well as for his display of absolute disrespect for Mr. Dennis and fellow driver, Fernando Alonso. Current rumors say that he was the instigator of the investigation, but at the very least he was less than forthcoming when commenting on the events claiming, that he had no idea why those events had occurred, in spite of the fact that he knew his own actions to be completely responsible for setting the entire chain of events in motion. He has also been the apparent root of increasing internal conflict at McLaren. He has shown his unwillingness to function as part of a team as early as Monaco. Regardless of his abilities as a driver, his obvious arrogance and contempt for the team’s authority are a serious problem that must be addressed by McLaren to prevent further deterioration of the team.

    Ideally, McLaren should have withdrawn Hamilton from the race immediately. McLaren has allowed this situation to simmer by not reining Hamilton in before this, and they should now have the courage to impose appropriate discipline on him internally for the Hungaroring fiasco. Since the FIA had already taken away any chance McLaren had for Constructor’s Cup points, it would have been the perfect opportunity for them to reinforce their position with Mr. Hamilton. Since they did not take this action, and the only fair punishment would allow Fernando Alonso to have the chance to recoup the points he lost, Hamilton should be made to sit out the race in Turkey. If that means replacing him with another driver for that race, and the ultimate result finds him behind in championship points, that is a consequence he has more than earned.

    For those who love Formula 1, make your feelings known to McLaren and to the FIA through direct communication. They need to know that fans actually care about much more than driver egos, and will be paying close attention to how they resolve this situation.

  23. excuse me, i have had enuf of lewis bashing…for gods sakes did u see how flawlessly he drove…by all accounts he deserved the podium…On the contrary Alonso was so erratic he couldnt even overtake heidfelds BMW even though he had a faster car…says 2 things too me…
    1> Alonso is tempermental. He lacks consistency.
    2> Formula 1 circuits are too stingy when it comes to overtaking…for gods sakes get these track designers to create some nice overtaking tracks:(

  24. Why is being truthful considered bashing? Hamilton was WRONG. He is simply not a team player. I don’t really have any special favorites (save possibly Michael Schumacher), but inconsistent? How can anyone win two world championships while the aforementioned was still racing without consistency?

    No one is denying Hamilton’s obvious talents, but as one source pointed out over the weekend, he was given a position that would have made it difficult to lose for just about any driver with a fast car and a little natural ability.

    On top of everything else, he was dishonest. Regardless of how you look at it, F1 is based on team mentality, and Hamilton possesses none of that. And we haven’t really had a chance to see how he drives from a position that isn’t the pole, so I’m not sure his ability is that well-established either…and I doubt that he was the least bit bothered about costing his team constructor’s points – he got his points and thats clearly the only thing that interests him.

    Although I have to agree about the track design, you should know if you watched and listened that Alonso performed exceptionally, overtaking two cars and managing to better his position by two spots on a track that is supposed to be impossible when it comes to passing…

  25. alonso is double world champion and this season is getting lessions of driving from the rookie hamilton,he should be shamed of his self…..dont have nothing else to say…

  26. Picture this; you are the brightest chap from your school in the quiz, you win the national championship twice. Then you shift to another school only to be partnered with a ‘novice’ who is supposed to follow your orders;
    But all of a sudden you become the ‘novice’ as he excels better than you. Would you feel good? Would you embrace his success with open arms?
    Thats the very case alonso is going through….it’s just a case of two very, very big egos.
    The biggest beneficiary is no doubt Bennie Ecclestone! For the game has grown leaps and bounds in six months than it did in Alonso’s two championship winning years.

  27. just explain this – Hamilton disobeys direct team orders and Fernando is punished, i mean come on, i’m beginning to think Fernando was right saying that the team prefers Lewis to him. It’s definitely ridiculous that the entire season revolves around this two and what they’re doing off the track.

  28. Is easy to become a excelent student copying the telemetry of the champion, leave he alone…

  29. I just wondered if anyone else is fed up with the commentators going on about how good lewis Hamilton is. Have they forgot that the public (fans) including many British fans have different favourite drivers and teams etc. And lets not forget Hamiltons has had an easy rise to fame, backed all the way by Mc Claren, a good driver i agree but a little cocky for his own good who i would suspect of not giving a toss about the fans of the sport. Also what about that comment about being behind the back markers that he referred to as Monkeys, I bet it would have been different if it had been a white driver saying it about him. It would then have been seen as being racialist etc. Sick of hearing about him , hope Ferrari comeback strong. Maybe Shumacker will return in the future?…

  30. So many of you are blinded by your LOVE for Alonso as two time champion, but you haven’t noticed that Alonso gets beat by Hamilton when it matters, in the fight for the pole. On a number of races Alonso goes fast all through the practices, but when it comes to Q3 he gets psyched out by a fast time by Hamilton, and messes up his final run. Hamilton has definitely been more consistent, and given that he is new to all these tracks and races, it is very impressive. You Alonso fans act like what Hamilton is doing isn’t amazing. I feel bad for Alonso for having real competition on his own team, but he didn’t check out the team very well if he didn’t know about his probable teammate and his skill level. However, I don’t think anyone expected Hamilton to do as well as he has so quickly, but it is obvious he is a fast learner. After Hamilton’s equipment failed and he crashed, he didn’t go off on the mechanics or owner…it was only after he thought Dennis told Alonso to keep Hamilton from getting his last lap in. My guess is that after crashing and having to start 10th, giving Alonso all those points back into the driver’s totals, put a lot of pressure on both drivers. Alonso feels he’s got a chance to win a three-peat, and Hamilton wants to give no more advantages to his teammate that might keep him from winning in his rookie year, greatly enhancing his earnings and getting his career off to a great start. So Hamilton defied the team’s strategy in setting up fuel loads, and that was not a smart thing to do. But he didn’t stop his teammate from his hot lap as Alonso did. That was disobeying the team strategy also for those of you that are getting all judgmental about Hamilton. No one for a second can believe that the team, who is shown counting down to Alonso when to leave, then sat him while they talked about tires for 10 seconds. I think all these guys have egos and are strong personalities, so the fact that Hamilton went off was understandable. You act like swearing at the owner is as bad as impeding another driver, which is what Alonso clearly did. McLaren didn’t say they had held him, Alonso said he was checking that the right tires were put on…after the lollypop had gone up…I’ve never seen a driver sit after the lollypop and recheck what the mechanics did, have you? Why would he be asking about his tires at the end instead of when they went on? It was an impetuous move by someone who is having trouble not being the number one guy. He needs to quit griping and trying to bring down his teammate and just fight it out on the track. I think it would be best at the end of the year for Alonso to leave McLaren and go to a team where their number two driver is not a threat to beat him. Alonso hasn’t liked the tight structure of McLaren, he hasn’t trusted the mechanics, and doesn’t get along with Ron Dennis, so it would be a better situation for him on another team. Hamilton has a long relationship with Ron Dennis and fits that team’s structure better. That way, Alonso and Hamilton can battle it out on the track for all of us fans for years to come!

  31. vkbaker – Thanks for your comments. Always nice to see new faces here :)

    Lewis is doing great this season. A much better choice than having someone like Pedro de la Rosa in the car :) I think a lot of people are question his morals though. So no matter how good he is and how many records he can break, some people will question the person himself (as opposed to the talent).

    It was the same with Michael Schumacher. One of the best ever but every 2nd race you were wondering if the rules were bent a little (mostly through the team, or through collisions, swerving etc).

    Anyway, with the whole Alonso/Hamilton pit issue last race, McLaren have explained their position on the whole thing. If you continue to say Alonso was responsible and the team wasn’t holding him, no problem.. but I like to go by what the team says. And the team has said Hamilton disobeyed the team, Alonso didn’t. To say anything else is just speculation.. :)

  32. The truth is alonso is ruffeled he lost it in his head i would never have expected to see him mug his team off so badly. lets not forget hamilton in the last session was faster than alonso with a heavier car. every time alonso has tried to show who is number one its backfired weather it be trying to over take from the start or messing about in the pit lane. just stick to what your good at driving fast. not letting someone past you who is being tailed by a ferrari is not an issue for calling morals into it if my memory serves me correct alonso fell of the road in Q3. Get it togeter people they are fast drivers who want to win so what if they dont like each other thats no crime neither is it a crime for the drivers to express that. Alonso did not like fissichella beating him so its no surprise he cant stand lewis. I hope LH sticks it to him for the rest of the season maybe Alonso might learn somthing valuable.

  33. Hello to all ;)
    All i want to say to Fernando Alonso is that i believe Mr Ron Dennis sympathizes Lewis Hamilton more than aton.So to prove who he really is and so he doesn’t disappoint his Fan Club he has to try on these 6 last events to bring himself back into the championship and to take for a third time the title.This of course is up to the man himself.

  34. Give Alonso a break! Im a kimi fan, but Alonso rocks! Come drive for
    Ferrari Alonso! PLS! Masse can trade places with you. This would be
    An awesome combination! 2 of the best drivers in F1!

  35. There is only one straight way out to Championship, earning pole position.

    It is not about luck or fate, that certainly shall come, and no one knows who shall be touched…

    It is about being the fastest in the Q3.

    This is what it matters, and until now, LH has been amazingly consistent.

    Some claim that this record is undoubtly gained with car set-up and telemetrics copy right (from star FA).

    Excitingly, from now, this unfounded claim shall be barred, as the copy right seems to have been outlawed after the hungarian show.

    FA is double WC racer and has made a substantial contribution to McLaren.
    LH is a rocky that amazes all of us, though have to admit that the sympathy for him is lowering, specially in the female club, after switching girls so rapidly (poor Jodie).

    Winning the Q3 is also about fuel load, and what McLaren should do is making sure that both drivers are given equal opportunities and punish the one who makes a transgression of the team rules.

    McLaren admitted that FA followed orders holding the pit position, which barred LH of a chance for his best lap (with lowest fuel load), and which was carried out to enable FA to make his best lap with less traffic…

    To this point, FA is flawless.

    LH admitted not following team orders, claimed to benefit alternatively each of the drivers in McLaren.

    Well, crystal clear.

    All about Q3.

    But equal possibilities to both drivers must be strictly followed. The one who jumps over this fence must be team punished, be LH, be FA.

    How exciting this Championship qualifying!

    Because during the race, and apart from the take off, nothing else than fate may bring any changes.


  36. I would suggest giving LH a dummy to keep him quiet. McLaren haven’t treated Alonso any better than they did Coulthard. LH & McLaren deserve each other – Alonso deserves better.

  37. hey girls!! what’s up. does anyone miss me ( i gess not) anyway voyonce welcome to clup. about kimi wife is much better than rosario!!

  38. yeah i agree, give Alonso a break!
    Alonso n Kimi rocks!

    For a rookie, Hamilton’s attitude towards Alonso simply sux.

  39. Germany, Rain, Crane. Regulations state that cranes and other emergency service vehicles may only be used to remove vacant vehicles. A push was not available from his position. A crane should have been used to remove his car from the circuit if it was deemed to be in a dangerous position. Hamilton’s car was parked by the wall in the gravel. Hardly at risk, especially with the remainder of the lapping cars now travelling under caution. If he thought he was in a dangerous position he should have hopped his arse out so, according to the rule book, a crane may be used. Following this, the FIA cleared the decision as being legal despite their own rule book stating differently! WTF? …Hamilton gets favoured repeatedly. At the same time, an in-team issue that affected no one but McLaren which should have been left to McLaren was decided by an FIA intervention. RESULT: Hamilton Pole. The FIA also tip toed around punishing him for the pass car incident other drivers blamed him for. There are other examples also… I think he’s a huge talent but I also believe Massa, Kubica, Raikkonen, Alonso, Heidfeld, etc could all out-qualify him regularly given the same car. Massa shares the same amount of P1s thus far despite mechanical failures. Kubica has put the inferior BMW on pole and Kovalainen has also out-qualified him in 2008. This is his second year with arguably the top team. The unbearably bias English commentary duo often compare him to the late great Ayrton Senna. Well, compare Ayrton’s first year in McLaren to Hamilton’s 2nd year (give him a whole season to get used to the team/car). During the whole season (and this was battling Alain Prost with equal power) Senna achieved 13 P1s to Prost’s 2. The only other P1 was Burger’s solitary effort. The next season was a repeat, the only change being Burger’s name swapping for Patrese’s. THAT is consistency. Hamilton is good, but so is Kubica, so is Raikkonen. Massa has shown that he can match Hamilton’s best qualifying efforts despite Ferrari’s mechanical problems with gearboxes, re-fuelling, etc in both ‘07 and ‘08.

  40. I was starting to think I was the only one who thought Hamilton acts like a little baby. I watched from the beginning of the season, and there has only been one or two interviews with Hamilton where he wasn’t blaming other people for his problems. Even when he is the problem he still manages to try and drag other people into it, and the same announcers act like is god. The announcers are responsiblle for alot of his attitude. He makes F1 look bad when he drives over people, literally pushing people over, and the announcers don’t say a word until a week later. And even then they choose there words carefully because they can’t believe the saint actually did something wrong. I have a hard time watching anymore because he is all they show and talk about, or everyone else is compared to him. Its getting old, ungrateful millionaires who race F1.

  41. ive got clear coments dat fernando alonso is any day better than lewis and i bet u if u give a ferrari 2 lewis vettel nd fernando it will be fernando who will be leadin!
    fernando is the most gifted and most aggressive driver in the world who could beat schumacher when he was at his best but i also sy dat lewis nd sebastian are as deadly as fernando and my top drivers in f1 at the present generation are fernando alonso,sebatian vettel,robert kubica and lewis hamilton.

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