Hungarian GP – Diva Lewis

{ Posted on Aug 07 2007 by dScribe }
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This has been one of the hardest Grand Prix summaries I’ve ever had to write. And it was one of the most boring Grand Prix to boot! Originally this post was twice as long, half of it being about the whole Hamilton vs Alonso qualifying saga. I decided to strip that out and save it for another post.. So here are the other points regarding the race:

Lewis Hamilton – He’s in the bad books at the moment for disobeying his team during qualifying. The one single positive thing I’ll give Lewis is that he did seem somewhat remorseful in the press conference after the race. Otherwise it was just standard procedure – make no mistakes in the fastest car.

Kimi Raikkonen – Thankfully his car didn’t break!! 8) He certainly had the speed in the race but Ferrari were shocking in qualifying. Some nice aggressive driving too.

Nick Heidfeld – Another solid job from quick Nick. Wish he’d shave that friggin beard off though..

Fernando Alonso – Was driving a fantastic race until he met Ralf Schumacher. Very cautious off the start though, but can be forgiven considering his race was screwed right from the start. Some points are better than none I guess.

Felipe Massa – OMG.. I get railed when I make bad comments about Felipe but I just wonder what his supporters are thinking now? He really needs to take a leaf out of Lewis Hamilton’s book and learn what consistency is.

Honda – I think they should just pack their bags up, work their arses off, and come back next year ready to get back in the points.. or at least the top 10.

Damon Hill commentating – Thanks ITV.. I’ve never seen the movie Dumb and Dumber but now I know what the audio from it sounds like. It’s so funny when this guy makes an analogy.. if only I had jotted some down or had transcripts.. :)

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  1. just a comment about Massa…. Ferrari had a total shocker in quailifying and that put Massa in P14 he should have done better but sumthing wasnt right with the Red Cars as Kimi struggled as well……. now every1 knows the track is crap for racing and its almost impoassble to overtake on the track itself…. also he had a very heavy fuel load, i think he was almost the last driver to make his 1st pitstop so with such a heavy car he lost places off the start line and was never in the hunt as he was always stuck behind a train of cars that he couldnt overtake cause the track is total crap…. the only time he was able to show his pace was when he came out ofthe pits ahead of the Hamilton/Kimi fight and he was acctruly pulling away from them both till the blue flags got him and he had to pull over

    the race itself was very dull and boring…

  2. Its not the mistake of honda, actually Honda F1 has made their this years F1 car a hybrid, and it does look like one too…quite eco-friendly. Thats why may they arent performing but the car sure is economical and runs on green fuel.

    you can choose performance or economy, they chose, economy and eco-friendly formula 1 car.

  3. Stoney – There certainly was something wrong with Massa’s car.. although I wonder if it was just a really bad set up? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the back end of a car step out so much.. probably “snap” out is a better term for it because it kept coming so suddenly.. Maybe a traction control issue or a balance issue (due to the large fuel load)?

    Ans – Hehe.. you are being sarcastic/funny right? :)

  4. Ans – LOL!!!

    dScribe – Yeah his car didnt handle well at all… but when he was in clean air ahead of Hamilton and Kimi after his 1st pitstop he was pulling away so he had decent speed…. till he had to pull over cause of the blueflags

    and about the Commintating… OMFG!!!! please KILL JAMES ALLEN!!!!!

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