People Blame Alonso?

{ Posted on Aug 07 2007 by dScribe }
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Ok, I’m going to say straight out that I have a lot of sympathy for Fernando Alonso in the whole qualifying saga on the weekend where he held up Lewis Hamilton. But I will try to present an objective viewpoint..

This appears to be the sequence of events that occurred during Q3 at the Hungaroring:

  1. Hamilton fails to obey a team instruction to move over to allow Alonso an extra fuel-burn lap.
  2. Alonso is furious during an earlier pit stop, shaking his first and pointing to the pit wall.
  3. The team attempt to return the balance to Alonso by holding him longer in the pits in the final pit stop, thus holding up Hamilton and preventing Hamilton from another flying lap.
  4. Alonso just makes it around to have another flying lap and takes pole position.

It was quite funny seeing how many people wanted Alonso’s blood in the forums straight after qualifying (before they knew the facts and found out that Hamilton was the instigator of it all). Some news sites even presented remarkably unbalanced and biased commentary of the event. Some even called Alonso a cheater. It’s funny that no-one questioned why Alonso was so mad earlier in qualifying at this time (I know I did).

My take on the whole thing is that Fernando shouldn’t have been penalised. He followed his engineer’s instructions. Sure, take away McLaren’s championship points but to penalise McLaren and Alonso is bizarre. It should be a case of one or the other is to blame. It’s either the team that caused it or the driver.

It will be interesting to see how McLaren deal with Lewis Hamilton now. Perhaps they’ll finally let Fernando keep his testing data to himself..? :) Either way I’m just majorly annoyed that we didn’t get to see Hamilton and Alonso both on the front row of the grid, mad as hell with each other, going into the first corner at Hungary.. :(

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  1. clap, clap, clap!!!! (applause)
    finally somebody objective!!!

  2. I think the problem with your account is in point three.

    If Alonso had left his pit box when the team released him, both he and Hamilton would have completed their final laps.

    But because he waited an extra ten seconds, Hamilton couldn’t make it.

    I do agree, however, that a lot of people are blaming Alonso without looking at what Hamilton did. Equally, a lot of people are treating Hamilton like the devil incarnate and ignoring that fact that Alonso’s response was a transgression of the rules.

  3. Hi Keith,

    I think you’ll find even though the lollipop went down (to show there were no cars coming down pit lane), the engineers were telling Alonso to hold station. Anyone who thinks Fernando could have acted alone and timed things that well is fetching. The fact that Lewis lost the plot after the pit stop and told Ron Dennis to never do that to him again (in more colourful language though) would further suggest the team was holding Alonso and not Alonso acting by himself.

    The latest rumours are that it was Lewis himself who sought clarification from the officials – effectively making a complaint against his own team.

    I think people are treating Hamilton like the devil incarnate because he’s destroying McLaren from the inside out. Apart from the Ferrari spy scandal, all of McLaren’s troubles this year regarding team strategy have been instigated because of Lewis complaining (starting from Monaco).

    Even worse though, there’s a saying along the lines of “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. Seriously, what sort of person would swear in the face of the person who had backed you for the last decade?

    Anyway, with all that said one thing is for sure – I’ve never looked forward to a grand prix as much as I am for the next round!! :) Whether you’re a Lewis or a Fernando fan, you’ve got to admit it’s exciting!!

  4. this has to b one of the most controvercial years of F1 ever…..

    Customer Cars
    Spying, Blueprints changing Hands
    Now this Quailifying Saga…

    and Michael Schumacher aint even racing ;) ;)

  5. Please help me with the qualifying procedure before a race…i am unable to understand how a team gets a penalty for temporarily retaining its own driver at the pits:(

  6. dScribe,

    Sorry mate, I don’t agree.
    The mechanics had their hands in the “I’m finished” position, the lollipop went up and he waited. After a few seconds the mechanics started looking at each other in wonder for the reason why he wasn’t leaving the box.

    In the first stop they were telling him to hold, and had the tyre blankets on. In the second, they were clearly stating that he should leave.

  7. I agree that it should either be the team or the driver that gets punished in this situation, not both. When it comes to laying blame, I think that both drivers are guilty.

    Although both drivers are in the postion where they are fighting for the championship, I disagree when they compromise the team for their own benefit. There is a reason why they are called teams!

    I think the actions of both Hamilton and Alonso were completely unprofessional. It is like watching a couple of kids misbehaving on the playground and having their father (Ron Denis) come and grab them by the ears!

    There will always be some controversy in F1, but when it becomes bigger than race itself it is a little too much. Although, I do have to say that if it wasn’t for this controversy we wouldn’t have too much to talk about this week…..what a boring race!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

  8. Stoney – LOL! :) I heard it was Michael Schumacher telling Alonso to hold Lewis back in the pits!! j/k ;)

    nate – Just explain this to me. If Alonso wasn’t being held under instruction by the team then why did Hamilton start swearing at Ron Dennis after it happened telling him to never do that to him again? If it was all Alonso, why did the team get punished (a more harsh punishment too)?

    Jason – This is the worst part about the whole situation. Why put Alonso back 5 places when we want to see him and Hamilton duke it out on track.. We could have had one of the best races of the season.. :(

  9. I’m with Jason, no one comes away from this clean, I like Alonso but he is in the press again today saying he may leave the team BEFORE the end of the season if he does not get things his own way. He’s coming across as whining and petulant. Ron Dennis repeatedly states his drivers have equal status but Alonso own words and actions will lose him favour within the team. I wonder what odds I could get on Pedro del la Rosa scoring points for McLaren this year?

  10. i can´t belive as the english people like the anormal rules from F1. First i can´t belived as the champion is only a secundary actor… I can´t belived as a young man that i think could be the first on top in a near years, can do anything that he wants…. Sorry but i think that he nevers be a champion because he don´t know as do the things. The english fan f1 people will want a great champion,… for me VIVA Nigell Mansell, Jenson Button or Coulthard, this other (Hamilton) is DOWN

  11. Thank you! In all this mess, no one ever really clarified who had the last word on telling Alonso to GO. I assumed it was his engineer but one account had the guys on the wall waving frantically and Alonso ignoring them. I’m just not sure I buy that and honestly, I think if a penalty was to be assessed it should have gone to the team for not timing things better if they were going to go down this road.

    About the only thing certain about all this is this: Hamilton is showing the potential to be a personality that will have us all calling drivers like Schumacher & Senna pussycat. He may say the right thing but, the mindset is all about him and all about winning. Not a bad thing in a driver but, I think all those people who think he’s all that and peace, love and understanding too are in for a rude awakening.

    Of course, if he’s counting on his boss’s unconditional love based on their history, he may be in for a rude awakening himself.

  12. I think both drivers are as much to blame as each other! Lewis “I-can’t-move-over-I’ll-lose-my-position-to-the-Ferrari” Hamilton (It’s quali-why the hell does it matter WHERE you are?!) should have done as the team instructed, they obviously had reasons for wanting Fernando in front. Equally, Fernando should have risen above the temptation to stay in his pit-box (regardless of what his engineer said/told/whatever) and been the bigger man. Both of those drivers are acting like little children! I know 4 year olds more mature than these two! They both need to buck up their ideas!

  13. Dean – You make a good point because I totally agree that Alonso should stop talking about inequality in the team. Even if there is some emotional bias toward Hamilton, Alonso should just block it out and get on with things on track.

    artoo – I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Hamilton expecting to have a chance to win races and the championship.. but there are certainly question marks over his character and his “win at all costs” attitude.

    verasaki – We’ll never know whether it was Alonso acting alone or obeying the team, but history would suggest Alonso follows orders.. :)

    I really expected Lewis to be more “clean cut” than he has been. I guess it’s all part of the hype. The media wants controversy. They want a character like Schumacher who people either really love or really hate. And they no doubt would love a rookie to win the championship.

    I think Alonso summed it up when he said Hamilton’s relationship with the team is going to be different from now on (ie. it’ll be worse), but Alonso’s relationship with the team will remain the same.

    Lilly – I wish Alonso didn’t hold up Hamilton in the pits because it would have made for the best race.. But, if Alonso was being ordered by the team to stay in pits then it’s best that he obeyed them. Because at the end of the day Alonso is the “good child” who does what he’s told, but Hamilton is now seen as the spoilt, misbehaving one in the team.

    I think all this talk of Alonso moving team before the end of the season is rubbish because he’ll no doubt have a lot more support from McLaren now.

  14. im getting really sick to death of this championship being decided off the track rather than on it……

  15. this is probably the worst team-spirit ever in F1; everything seems to be decided in the pit lanes or worse, totally off the track, maybe they should start racing for once, i mean, that should set the record straight on who’s the better driver :)

  16. The good news is Kimi (with a Cheshire grin, no doubt) says he’s not giving up on the championship. Glad to hear it considering how bizarre this year has been already. The only thing missing is doping scandal!

    Anyone taking odds on what happens if/when McLaren appeals? That’s a pretty big gamble they’re taking.

  17. I have just read that Hamilton hadn’t had time to finish his last flying lap, even if Alonso had gone of the pit stop when the mechanic up the lollipop…

  18. It’s obvious the MAC team has two #1’s. Hammy ain’t rolling over and Alonso who thinks he is entitled to preference is wetting his pants pissed. Let the spoiled Spainaird leave. Call up the Brit tester.

  19. Mr. Buddhabman, perhaps you should learn how to spell SPANIARD, before you start calling Alonso spoiled…remember he is a double world champion, racing against the likes of Schumacher..think it will take more than that for him to soil his pants….!

  20. Ms Paula, a day of Margaritas and no spell check is my excuse. What is Alonso’s excuse for acting so juvenile. The fact that he is two time WC and still acting this way is all the more disappointing. Alonso is supremely gifted as a driver, he brings athleticism and passion that is remarkable. He should have boundless confidence, but all he shows now is pitiful insecurity.

  21. Mr. Buddhaman (not Buddhabman), would you not agree that swearing at your boss is juvenile (but as he is the”golden boy” he gets away with it) what Fernando Alonso is, is human, but I love the supremely gifted, athleticism and passion part though, could not have said it better myself!

    btw…. lucky you..”day of Margaritas” !

    We will see what the future holds…

  22. I can’t stay without writing someghing here after reading your opinions.
    Hamilton is a good racing driver, maybe he will be the best in few years, but nowadays he can’t be compared with Alonso. Do you know Hamilton is driving with Alonso’s car improves?
    You can’t do anything you want in a F1 team. Remember this is the first Hamilton’s year in McLaren. You can’t pretend become the new world champion in your first year as a F1 racing driver monopolizing the whole team if your fellow team player is the actual world champion.
    Anyway, I’m totally sure this championship has to be decided on the track rather than off it (as StoneColdSpider says). If FIA takes a decision it have to be equal to both drivers.

    PD. Sorry for mistakes. My english level is worst than Hamilton’s spanish level. XDDDD!!!

  23. Hello, hola! saludo (for the Spanish people in here) and Halo (for any Americans following F1 after their only hero Scot Speed was chucked out) . I have certainly taken note of all the Spanish people not wanting Hamilton to become champion in his first year of F1 and humiliate Alonso in the process of being ducked by a rookie in an equal car. Understandably so!! I don’t blame you all cause Alonso is a good driver and with Michael’s misfortunes had credited 2 championships to his name in a very good car. Full Stop there.

    Everybody here talks about Q3, but if you carefully note Q1 and Q2, Hamilton was at least a second faster than the field in all his laps. Now don’t tell me that Alonso was underdriving and conservative cause he was riding the kerbs like mad. And that to me probably put Alonso’s mind in criminal mode. He already devised a plan to set off when he requested to be in front of Hamilton with just one lap fuel difference. Noway were the Ferrari’s were gonna make a move intentionally and get caught between both the McLarens. But Alonso let Massa pass by as an indicator of foul play by Hamilton and the rest of the drama in the pits is history.

    Alonso has started building excuses for the inevitable handover of his championship crown to the Golden Boy of F1. You know by now that Alonso is the King of excuses. The only thing he hasn’t blamed so far is Global warming (which he soon may for extraordinary cooling of his tires).

    You can blame Schumi for everything wrong that has happened with him in F1, but no one (includes all Spaniards) can deny that he is the absolute talent and a heck lot better than all the Alonso’s and Kimi’s. Same goes with Hamilton. I dare anybody in the forum to challenge me and say that Alonso is better than Hamilton. You must all know it by now. No way!! Hamilton might not be the next Schumacher but he certainly is the Schumi of the moment.

  24. Hi, Mr Stephen, I¨m a fan of F.A. so you”ll understand if I disagree with your opinions. L.H. is a good driver, and he”ll be WC soon,with the help of F.A.”s car improving from the moment he went to McLaren. But, at least nowadays, he lacks the consistency that F.A. has, and he does”nt know how to adjust all points of the car for the conditions and particulars of each circuit and race. And he is too ambitious, should not speak like that to his beloved boss, when he was in the origin of all Q3 mess. If I were Ron Denis (luckily I”m not) next two races Pedro de la Rosa will drive my car, instead of L.H.
    Anyway, FIA is a disaster and I hope F.A. will win this championship
    (excuse my English, I” improve it)

  25. Hello Mr.Ion,

    Pt.No 1. Consistency? Oh please, are you telling me that Alonso is more consistent, well that means you haven’t been following formula1 this year at all. Every kid knows who has been the most consistent driver so far, not just for this year but for a few decades, if I am not wrong even more consistent than Schumi.

    Pt.No 2. Tell me one good reason why Lewis has to allow Alonso pass him in Q3, still baffles me (privilege rights, perhaps?)

    Pt. No 3. I agree that you don’t foul mouth your boss, Perhaps Hamilton should be punished for it. Alonso too in Indianapolis swerved across the pitwall in protest to Lewis holding him back in the race! What do you say for that??? Thats a shame cause a champion wanted a rookie to move over so that he can overtake and peacefully win.

    Alonso, again I say is a good driver, but not the best among the pack. I can name 2 who are better, Lewis and Kimi…
    But I wish Schumi could drive that Ferrari cause I know for sure that Ferrari is still a second faster on a 1:30 circuit.. Only Schumi can rise to a level like that and make others around him perform as well….

  26. Robin Stephen:

    Pt.1 – Totally agree with you that Lewis has been more consistent than Fernando this year.

    Pt.2 – The drivers take turns in who will have the lighter fuel load (and thus a better shot at pole) each race. Lewis has had that advantage for many races (thus got pole, and the wins).. Lewis knows how important pole is this year so he didn’t give Fernando his fair chance.

    I’d be interested to know what “misfortunes” Michael Schumacher had in the last 2 years when Alonso outdrove him to 2 titles…? 8)

  27. Thanks for the information on the fuel load theory of the teams. I have heard that before but I thought that it was non existent since by mid season every top team anchors on one driver to be their pole man. Unfortunately for Fernando the McLarens seem to have chosen their pick already, understandably so for Hamilton seems unnerved and more consistent and looks more promising than Alonso.
    Well still to add, I am also pretty sure that Hamilton would had grabbed pole anyway for the race and finished the same (90% sure). Well all done and dusted I am expecting a 4 way duel at Turkey, cause I am pretty sure Ferrari are gonna be competitive again in the long corner circuit. Nonetheless I would prefer Hamilton and Alonso take of each other and hence pave the way for a 4 way attack for the title with about 5 races remaining after Istanbul.

    Well, about Schumi, not much to expand. But then his misfortune was FIA continually changing and tweaking the rules since 2003 just to avoid Schumi from qualifying for pole at every race even in a second best car. They succeeded and the bitter tyre change rule in 2005 robbed him of another title. In 2006 Ferrari’s were cropper to the Renaults and McLarens until the US Grand prix and the rejuvenated Michael made Fernando look like a puppet (You will also remember Alonso’s childish excuses and complaining) …Well the last two races in 2007 were the most disappointing for Michael cause the championship was handed to Alonso in a platter when Ferrari Engine gave way in Suzuka and the qualifying gear box problem in Interlagos…
    Well, I guess you term those things as ‘Misfortunes’…

  28. Hello everybody!!!

    Point 1. Is Hamilton being more consistent than Alonso this year? Maybe!
    But imagine both racing drivers driving equal cars (and this can’t be possible, because Alonso’s car improves are better than Hamilton’s, and that is a fact) in equal conditions (with FIA permission). Who would be better???

    Point 2. Has Schumi being best racing driver than Alonso? Yes, of course, all of we are sure about that. But in my opinion Alonso needs more time to show people he is Schumi successor. We can talk about this three or four years hence.

    Point 3. Yes, Shumi had “Misfortunes” in his last years as a racing driver but, tell me about a F1 driver without any kind of misfortune in his career. And FIA, even though I’m not totally agree with them because of they decissions, have changed F1 rules to make races more competitives and broke Ferrari’s monopoly.

    P.D: No se por qué pero me da la impresión de que los españolitos estamos solos en esto. Pero bueno, no estamos discutiendo si Alonso es un tio de puta madre o no (que humildad, personalmente, no tiene tampoco mucha) sino quien es mejor piloto. Como me divierte esto, jeje!!!

  29. Danielo:

    Did you mean that Hamilton is driving with Alonso’s test data as well? Well, If thats true it can only be contemplated and never proved cause McLaren’s aren’t gonna let one more bubble break in their camp. That would be disastrous and probably end up in packing one of their drivers and we could at least be sure who that will be…Alonso, of course. McLaren’s are having a love affair with their British summer boy and they will only stick with him.

    And for once, not many will miss Schumi, for who on this world would prefer a one man show rather than a 4 way battle…

  30. Isn’t team order illegal and unfair in f1? secondly even if the fabrication were true – Hamilton’s act was not in breach of any FIA rule, only Alonso managed to break the sporting conduct rules and forced the FIA’s hand, didn’t Alonso complain about MS late year for holding him up and MS was send to the back?

    Alonso have no intergrity he is a big cheat, he held Lewis up in the pitlane. Alonso can’t win races on his own merit, so he asking Ron Dennis to slow down Lewis and not let Lewis challenage him . Alonso is hyped up in the Spain press I believe Alonso believe his hype in Spainish media.

    Looking back at a the Q3 recording, I can’t see a single thing wrong with Hamilton’s action. Alonso’s cheat just looks even more blatant on replay, and it looks even worse, because you can see Hamilton’s tires are out of there covers and losing temperature, while Alonso just sits there.

  31. Isn’t team order illegal and unfair in f1? secondly even if the fabrication were true – Hamilton’s act was not in breach of any FIA rule, only Alonso managed to break the sporting conduct rules and forced the FIA’s hand, didn’t Alonso complain about MS last year for holding him up and wasn’t MS send to the back?

    Alonso have no intergrity he is a big cheat, he held Lewis up in the pitlane. Alonso can’t win races on his own merit, so he asking Ron Dennis to slow down Lewis and not let Lewis challenage him . Alonso is hyped up in the Spain press I believe Alonso believe his hype in Spainish media.

    Looking back at a the Q3 recording, I can’t see a single thing wrong with Hamilton’s action. Alonso’s cheat just looks even more blatant on replay, and it looks even worse, because you can see Hamilton’s tires are out of there covers and losing temperature, while Alonso just sits there.

  32. Please, before talking about Alonso and blame him take a look to world press. After this, look for differences between UK press and all press around the world, have you found any differerent point of view?
    I don’t want to become Alonso a saint but don’t put the blame on him. Lewis seems a good boy but only for british people, I’m sure about people don’t see him as behavior model. His pretty face hide his real intentions from us, become the world champion stepping on anybody who stood in its way. Obviusly this is my modest opinion. I’m not trying to convince anybody.

  33. In Hungary FIA stole championship to Alonso with a robbery withouth sense as past year in Turkey and Monza.

  34. fernando alonso es el mejor no hamilton.spain

  35. Im from the Uk and im really starting to get tired of everyone going on about how amazing hamilton is. I think hes a good driver but not as good as Kimi, Fernando and felipe I mean come on he only ever wins a race if he gets pole! Alonso was right to follow Mclarens orders and stay in the pits, after all lewis shouldve followed the teams orders. If lewis was in the same position as Sutil is he wouldnt be this arrogant, its cause of all the media hes gone kinda crazy i mean why the hell would you yell at the guy whos basically made your dreams come true, loadsa people would kill to be given the opportunity that he has and he’s just wasting it, one day its all gonna crumble around him and he’ll only have himself to blame. Sooo hope he doesnt win this championship!

  36. Alonso vs Hamilton..Well its Interesting but its kinda ugly.Alonso is one of the best pilot in F1 and he is jealousy at Hamilton.Hamilton is born to be leader,he has the tallent and he is going to win.I dont like that they are fighting.All this is not going to end good,i think the hate will separate the fans…and in all that hating and blaming we are losing the most important the thrill of that beautiful sport.The truth is they are both GREAT.The other truth is that only one one can be NO1.I admire both,but my fave is Lewis,because he is tallented,cute,cute,cute.

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