Italian GP – Crazy Lewis

{ Posted on Sep 12 2007 by dScribe }
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Ok, so last time we vented about Fernando Alonso being unimpressive during the Turkish Grand Prix. This time Fernando made us eat our words (finally!). This is probably the most comfortable Fernando has looked during a race weekend all year and when he hooks it up, he really hooks it up. One can’t help but feel he had even more pace in the car, but just controlled the race.

Lewis Hamilton also drove a good race but what’s with these kamikaze passes? First with Massa and then with Raikkonen. One day someone (Fernando?) will hold their line when he tries to pass…

Now to the points:

Fernando Alonso – Finally did what we know he’s capable of. Seems to have gained some support from Ferrari fans (as Hamilton is the evil passer of Ferrari’s ;) )

Lewis Hamilton – Good job, crazy passes. Fortune favours the brave I guess (just look at Michael Schumacher’s career!) :)

Kimi Raikkonen – Did a great job to get out ahead of Lewis in his pit stop. Did a half-arsed block when Lewis passed him. Would have done himself a much bigger favour if he’d closed the door properly.

Felipe Massa – LOVED how he drove in the first few laps. He had the fire in the belly and I haven’t seen an F1 car slide around like that in a long time. Shame he had this mysterious problem with the rear end of the car though.

Nick Heidfeld – Mr Consistency :)

Robert Kubica – Getting outdriven a bit by Nick, but still another Mr Consistency in the making.

Nico Rosberg & Heikki Kovalainen – Both these guys have done such a brilliant job this year. Heikki started slow but now they’re both making lunch out of their teammates.

Honda – They scored a point!!! 8)

Mark Webber – Finished a race!!! 8)

Me – I’ll shut up now!!! 8)

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