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Ferrari managed to pull off a spectacular comeback by staging a 1-2 victory at Spa Francorchamps on the weekend. However this victory was very much overshadowed by the whole McLaren/Ferrari ’spy’ saga. It’s a real shame when the off-track politics get in the way of a good race. Not the most exciting race, but a great result for Ferrari.

Kimi Raikkonen – Kimi is starting to own Spa Francorchamps isn’t he? King Kimi of Belgium.. :)

Felipe Massa – You have to feel for Felipe. If it wasn’t for reliability he’d be right in the championship hunt with Kimi. The way he was pushing the car at the end of the race was impressive, but we all knew he wouldn’t be allowed to take Kimi on so late in the race.

Fernando Alonso – Many times this season Fernando has gone off-track at the start of the race to avoid an accident. In Belgium, he finally did exactly what he had to do to attempt to get an upper hand – he simple held his racing line. Other than that he had absolutely no answer to the Ferrari’s, but he would have been happy being faster than Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton – Very ironic that he had a whinge about Fernando’s driving at the start of the race. Seems he can dish it out (ask Felipe and Kimi in Italy!) but can’t take it.

Heikki Kovalainen – Did a fantastic job to keep Robert Kubica behind him in what was obviously an inferior car.

BMW – Not an impressive race for them. They still managed “best of the rest” after Ferrari and McLaren, but nothing to write home about.

Nico Rosberg – Impresses more and more..

Mark Webber – Thankfully Red Bull seem to slowly be fixing the problems and Webber is certainly delivering. He had a fantastic qualifying session and followed it up with a strong race. Top job :)

Adrian Sutil – I don’t get it.. There’s so much hype about how good he was driving but at the end of the day he only beat 3 cars that finished the race – and one was his teammate. Sure, he looked racey against some big names, but the fact is he still finished 14th out of 17 cars running at the end.

On a final note, it was really sad to hear of the passing of Colin McRae, his son and their friends during the race. Even though he didn’t have as much success later in his career, the guy was a complete legend. Farewell :(

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  1. It’s sad when the problems with the car ruin your chances. Kimi should know it after all those years in McLaren and even in Ferrari the car hasn’t been a “normal” Ferrari. Yeah, poor Felipe, but I still feel for Kimi!

    Lewis seems quite childish when he complains about Fernando’s behaviour, and the British media too, he isn’t a gentleman on the track either. I loved Fernando’s moves! :)

    Heikki and Nico, 1 and a half Finns, they are names of the future. Heikki’s tactic ruined his race.

    And maybe Adrian wasn’t that good but atleast better than usually. And he’s cute so who cares :)

  2. Interesting to hear Martin Brundle comment that the only reason Webber passed Heikki was because he was on a lighter fuel load. What he failed to point out was Mark was smart enough to ‘manouver’ Heikki onto the dirty side of the track – so whilst Heikki had the line, the grip level wasn’t as good and Webber was able to take him on the outside. Very intelligent driving from Mark – subtle, but intelligent.

  3. Solid drive by Kimi, he’s in the running now (especially if the McLaren boys start bumping wheels!). That said if its true that Fernando tried to blackmail Ron Dennis over the ’spygate’ saga then it seems pretty likely McLaren will employ some ’subtle’ ways of putting him down the grid away from Lewis (I’m betting engine change or fuel rig error in qualifying before the next race), not that I’m cynical…….Actually, I am cynical.

  4. I was reading a discussion on “who is the better driver, Hamilton or Alonso”
    this was one of the comments :

    “I think Alonso is better, i hate alonso, but i recognize that is an agresive and a very spectacular driver. i hope some day fernando learns to drive his very big moute.” (his spelling not mine)..(and he was English speaking)

    Of course, being me, I had to reply to this, I just asked him why, if he enjoyed F1 and thought Alonso was an aggressive and very spectacular driver, did he “hate” him..also mentioned that Alonso was actually quite a quiet spoken guy.
    His reply:

    Really, i dont like him, i hate Alonso, even if he drives the mclaren with the picture of the Pope, i still nok like him.I don’t like Hamilton to, but not in the same “hate level” of Fernando.

    Ah well, it takes all kinds….

    Thought the race was rather dull, great for Kimi, bet he enjoyed the champers…..! Cool move by Alonso at the start (can’t believe Hammy is whining about it!) more of this to come…from Alonso.

    Lastly if you have time, have a read of this:

    I think I am a bit naive…

  5. w00t a Ferrari 1-2-3-4 :)

  6. I agree w/ Felipe one.. but kimi would have been on top or closer if only he didnt suffer reliability problems as well.

    nurburgring- he could have finished 3rd or 2nd.
    spain – 3rd

    12 or 14 pts lose :(

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  8. Ferrari the BEST!

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