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{ Posted on Oct 05 2007 by dScribe }
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If running a Ferrari engine in their F1 car wasn’t enough, Spyker are trying to be like Ferrari in their efforts to brand everything and anything under their name. First we had the Vertu Ferrari phone, and how we have some Spyker phones:

Spyker Phone - C4S C8 Laviolette

Spyker Phone C4S C8 Spyder

Spyker Phone C4S C8 Laturbie

Not only have Spyker released a range of branded mobile phones (which seem like a budget version of the Vertu Ferrari offerings), they’ve also released some media/MP3 players and other gadgets. Will we see an Acer notebook next ala Ferrari? 8)

You can see more at the Connect 4 Spyker site (WTF.. who comes up with these names? And to see the products you have to click on the PDF at the bottom.. go figure :) ).

6 Responses to “Spyker Mobile Phone”

  1. Obviously Spyker have picked some things up from their predecessors. I mean, Jordan did do a branded bike, vodka drink and £150 limited-edition watch at one point…

  2. The thing with Jordan though is that at one point they were almost a top-3 team who could win races.. but I guess if you look at Spyker’s non-F1 efforts they’re very respectable :)

    Does anyone here own any F1 team branded items? :)

  3. Hey were i can buy for Spyker Laviolette charger… my charger broke the rat… and now i dont know were i can buy!!! :(

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