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{ Posted on Oct 24 2007 by dScribe }
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Either Anthony Hamilton was talking BS after the Brazilian Grand Prix or the guy’s a robot. This is what he had to say after his son failed to take the Drivers World Championship after leading it for most of the season (in his rookie season none-the-less):

None of us are in pain. Trust me – we feel great…

Ok, hold on. What father wouldn’t feel pain when his son came so close to achieving his ultimate dream? Even I felt a little bit of pain for Lewis (albeit not much ;) ). He had it in the bag and then everything went against him at the last moment. That has to hurt.

And besides, never trust someone who feels the need to say “trust me” when talking to the media.. ;)   He continued:

We’ve just had one of the most fantastic F1 seasons ever. If someone told me we’d have been in this position at the start of the season I would have said they were dreaming but to lose it by one point is no bad thing.

The “I would have said they were dreaming” part is sooooo cliche! This guy’s a walking press release isn’t he? :)  Lewis has had an amazing season and should be proud of his results. But to have one hand on the championship and then lose it to Kimi Raikkonen of all people..? Ouch!

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  1. The Hamiltons have a history of working with sports psychologists and as a result always tend to focus on taking the positives out of the situation and being in control of their emotions. Just because people find it hard to relate to it doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

    He may be a “robot” or a “walking press release” to you but if your son came second by one point in his first year at F1 while having faced a barrage of constant criticism, and equalled the points score of a double world champion, would you be able to see the positives in that?

  2. Hi Charlie,

    There’s no denying there are so many positives to Lewis’ first season. He did such an amazing job and should be really happy all up. But it would have hurt like hell to be so close and to lose it at the last minute. Wouldn’t you feel pain (honestly)? :)

    “None of us are in pain.” – I guess that explains why Lewis got so drunk on Sunday night that he was throwing up during interviews on Monday?

    The sports psychology stuff is well and good but you have to draw the line somewhere. If they keep up this “schooled” approach to dealing with the media then they’re going to alienate a lot of fans. But hey, it may be the way to go… I mean, Michael Schumacher was often seen as a robot too and he was virtually unstoppable :)

  3. Would have made more sense perhaps to say “really p—-ed that we did not manage to clinch the title, but what a great season overall” Even I was in pain for him, and I don’t like him…much, I am serious, trust me.

  4. Lewis is a pain in the asse! He is so full of himself, it makes me sick! He is like a 2yr old child, complaining about the other drivers if he cannot get his own way. Kimi did well, despite his car breaking down on several occasions! Go Kimi! Leave F1 Lewis, as it is for REAL men, and Grown up drivers!

  5. To Ferrari babe:

    Are you NUTS? Lewis Hamilton was the epitome of calm, cool & collected ALL YEAR!!! This was even with all the cards stacked AGAINST HIM! Lewis Hamilton was a very FRESH breath of air AGAINST that attitude in Formula 1! It was Fernando Alonso who’s the crybaby! Formula 1 in and of itself is made up of a bunch of SNOBS who think they’re ALWAYS better than ANYONE ELSE they meet. That SNOBBISH ATTITUDE is fed by Bernie (if you don’t do X, I’m not going to bring F1 back again) Ecclestone!

    This was PROVEN after what the arsehole did to Indianapolis. It’s been said and PROVEN that Indianapolis is a “WORLD CLASS” facility (and it is…I’ve been there) and secondly….it’s THE MOST ATTENDED RACE IN F1, and Bernie decides he’s going to play a game with Tony George. Well, he picked the WRONG person to play “chicken” with. Tony’s THE ONLY one who called his bluff, let him not come back, scheduled an IRL race up against the F1 race, and THEN goes and signs MotoGP (a more popular and WILL BE more attended than Bernie’s race) during the weekend that Bernie wanted, in order to come back to Indy. Well Bernie….take your SNOBBISH, UPPITY series and let them CHEAT somewhere else. However, if you decide that you’re going to “SCRIPT” the Championship like you did, send Lewis over here to race. We’d WELCOME HIM WITH OPEN ARMS at Indy!!!

  6. I think the point he was trying to make was that at times like that, you need to think about what you still have and what you have gained rather than what you have lost. Lewis had no right to the title, and he still had the best ever rookie season. More to the point, he never had the title to lose it, its not won until after the last race or no one else can catch you.

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