Anthony Hurting Lewis Rep

{ Posted on Oct 27 2007 by dScribe }
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Previously we mentioned how Anthony Hamilton is a walking press release, but we hadn’t read his latest comments at the time. This is what he said recently:

“What’s happened this year will make Lewis stronger. All we have done is prove that as a team, car and driver, we’re here for the future.

“So hell, enjoy your fun now because next year there’s going to be a problem, and we’re going to be back at the front.

“Next year he will no longer be a rookie and they (the other Formula One drivers) are going to be in trouble aren’t they?”

Nice one Ant. So humble and gracious (not!)… I can see comments like that really helping Lewis 8)

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  1. That’s the thing I loved about Michael Schumacher’s dad, he kept his mouth shut and left the managing up to Wili Webber…who also kept his mouth shut.

  2. I’m not really bothered what his dad says about him. What matters is what he does on the track. I do wonder if some people aren’t seizing upon every slightest little thing to claim reason not to like them.

  3. Verasaki – I think Michael’s dad was too busy with run-ins with the law to talk to the media (I think Weber was too at one point? Could be wrong…) ;) But I agree with what you’re saying.

    Keith – I will admit that we’re coming down hard on Ant, but if he wants to say something he should at least show a bit of class.

    Anthony’s comments border on disrespectful to the other drivers. It’s almost like he’s saying they’re crap and have no chance against Lewis next year. Then he wonders wonder why none of the drivers like them… 8)

  4. Keith, it’s F1 Fun. C’mon, lighten up! It’s not really what the guy says so much, I mean, it’s Dad after all, but it just sounds so…lame. I’m not sure but, I think there were a whole lot of drivers on that grid that would say (not publicly, of course) that rookie or no, he was a whole lotta trouble this year…strictly referring to track time. Surely his own Da wouldn’t have missed the fact the kid did sort of kick @ss.

  5. Next year will be Lewis year only he can manage the car without Alonso help.

  6. My brother works for Mclaren. Apparently Ron Dennis is desperate to put a sock in Anthony Hamiltons mouth and shut him up.

    He is not popular within Mclaren or any of the teams. He often gives away Lewis’s Strategy and speaks without consulting the team.

    Dont be suprised if he is not at the grand prix’s in 2008.

  7. AppleBaron – Very interesting stuff you wrote there! I still think we’ll see Anthony at GPs this season. I get the impression he likes the limelight a lot… ;)

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