F1 Lawnmower

{ Posted on Nov 14 2007 by dScribe }
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Yes, we’re back after a nice 2 week break. Didn’t even realise F1 resumed testing today as well… how ironic.

Anyway, last week we came across a John Player Special inspired (think Lotus / Ayrton Senna in the 80’s) lawnmower of all things. Yes, a lawnmower!

Link: F1 Lawnmower Concept

All I want to know is who on earth designs an F1 lawnmower that is NOT a ride-on!? 8)

Actually, I also want to know who has time to create these rubbish concepts. What a waste of time… then again, we’re writing about it so I don’t know what’s worse… ;)   I promise the next post will be better!! :D

4 Responses to “F1 Lawnmower”

  1. Actually, I like this post! Hey, if hand vacs are now being designed to sit on your table like a piece of fine sculpture, why not make the annoyingly noisy, smelly, ugly lawn mower more appealing. Now, if they could make one in the non-gasoline, hand push variety it could be the closest to being “green” that F1 ever gets.

  2. i only got to ask two things were do i get one and how much

  3. nice lawnmower can use it to run over the Jarno Trulli trick or treater :P

  4. verasaki – Awe thanks, glad someone liked it! ;)

    crypto – Serious? ;)

    Stoney – LOL! Or maybe you could use it to cut Jarno Trulli’s hair! ;)

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