Honda to pull the plug on Honda?

{ Posted on Dec 12 2007 by dScribe }
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Today I read a news item with the title Honda to pull the plug on Super Aguri? Umm.. HELLO! If you ask me Super Aguri were just as competitive as Honda this year despite using an old car. If Honda want to pull the plug on anyone they should first consider their own team first… then again, that would mean Super Aguri wouldn’t have a car now would they? Hmm…

Prodrive Aguri Honda in 2009 anyone? ;)

2 Responses to “Honda to pull the plug on Honda?”

  1. SUPER AGURI where a much better team than Honda… sadly tho Honda didnt like that and started to screw over SUPER AGURI….. the biggest problem for SUPER AGRUI is that they now have to run the 2007 Honda Chassis… SUPER AGURI might struggle to beat Team Force India in 2008…. and this is y customer cars WONT WORK in F1!

  2. Stoney – Yeah, you have to worry about Super Aguri this year because last year’s Honda was really really bad wasn’t it? Then again, imagine if they do quite well again – then the Honda team would really have egg on their face :)

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