23 – Spooky McLaren Number

{ Posted on Jan 09 2008 by dScribe }
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I wonder if the number 23 will prove to be lucky or unlucky for McLaren.

First of all, their car is the MP4-23.

Second, one of their cars is carrying the number 23.

Third, Lewis Hamilton is 23.

Only thing is, it’s Heikki Kovalainen who’s running number 23 on his car and not Lewis Hamilton:)

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  1. That was the dumbest comment I have read so far.

  2. jakethedane – You obviously haven’t read the Michael Schumacher Turkey Joke yet… ;)

    Anyway, I’d like to think even though we have the odd “dumb” post, over 5000 people subscribing must like some of the material… 8)

  3. Actually it will be Lewis driving the number 23

  4. Lewis should not have 23, he finished 2nd, why gie it to Heikki?!

  5. well is it worth mentioning the fact McLaren finished No. 2 & 3, last season, and Lewis should be starting in the No.2 car that’s what usually happens when you finish second in the drivers championship, unless the FIA have changed the rules again.

  6. JJ / Nat – I think they’ve confirmed Heikki will run 23 and Lewis 22 even though there was talk of Lewis running 23. If Lewis got 23 they’d probably start saying he’s the Michael Jordan of F1 instead of the usual Tiger Woods of F1:)

    PabloG – I didn’t even think about them finish 2nd and 3rd last year… the numbers 2 & 3 again… this is starting to get like Lost (a TV series where the same numbers keep popping up for those who don’t know :) ).

  7. just be thankful there arent 23 races this year then cuz we’d all be screwed wouldnt we hehehe

  8. Apart from the team with the previous year’s driver’s champion (Kimi Raikkonen), the car numbers aren’t set by finishing position in the driver’s championship. They’re set by finishing position in the constructor’s championship. So seeing as McLaren were excluded from the constructor’s championship, they get the lowest numbers (23 & 24.)
    BMW as second place get three and four.

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