Fun F1 Malaysian GP Review

{ Posted on Mar 26 2008 by dScribe }
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The Malaysian Grand Prix confirmed what many had suspected during winter testing – Ferrari have a lot of pace in their car.

Kimi Raikkonen – A perfect drive from the Finn after making a few mistakes in the previous round. The high point of his race was a super quick lap near his pit stop to get him track position ahead of his teammate after the stops. The highlight for me personally was what he said about champagne after spraying some in his eyes on the podium – “we should put it in the mouth not in the eye”. Classic Kimi :)

Felipe Massa – 2 rounds and more than 2 mistakes. You can see why people are starting to question his position at Ferrari. But with that said, he did do great in qualifying. Overall though I think he’s one driver who is really struggling with the lack of traction control unfortunately.

Lewis Hamilton – Didn’t look that comfortable most of the weekend but still ended up with a fairly good result given the bad things that happened.

Robert Kubica – Another super performance. This guy is getting so close to a pole (sic) position or even a race win…

Fernando Alonso – Soldiering on.

Heikki Kovalainen – Many people were very impressed with Heikki in Malaysia. He certainly is improving quickly so will be exciting to see how he shapes up to Lewis when they’re both feeling good about the car. Is it just me or does he have similar mannerisms to Michael Schumacher in press conferences…? :)

Jarno Trulli – Wow. Glad to finally see some rewards for all that money Toyota have put into F1. Now we have to get Honda up to speed too…

Nick Heidfeld – Not too bad from Nick, until you compare it to his teammate’s results… :)

Mark Webber – Did well to keep Fernando behind him. Expect to see more good results from Red Bull and Toro Rosso this year.

8 Responses to “Fun F1 Malaysian GP Review”

  1. Welcome back dscribe!! Loved the smile that finally broke out on Kimi’s face…when the champers was mentioned!!:-)Alonso has an amazing six points…(the “big guns”) only have eleven..hmmmm. I know, I know, I am living in La La Land..but u never know…

  2. Ooops, Hammy has 14 points…ah well.

  3. What was this about Vettel to Ferrari rumours mentioned previously? It sounds good to me because I love Vettel, but who would he replace? Massa’s spot isn’t up for grabs until 2010 and it would be stupid to get rid of Kimi.

    As for Honda, their car may look marginally better but their uniforms certainly don’t (bright green pants…?)

  4. Obviusly Alonso has to work very hard this year if he wanna obtain results. Anyway it’s not going to be easy ’cause as we say in Spain “su coche no va cara al aire” what means that his car is more or less as fast as Flinstone’s car.
    If he was driving to McLaren, Ferrari, even BMW, things would be different.
    You only have to see Kovalainen. Last year he wasn’t competitive because of his car, remember, he was driving to Renault, and now is finishing in first places. Coincidences?

    BMW is doing a good job. I think they’re going to achieve those results they’re looking for.
    Massa is offside for the time being, if he carries on with this drive his head will be in a silver tray at the end of the calendar.

  5. i hope bmw will win at least a race this year. i also hope alonso can steal a win from other drivers of the much faster teams.

  6. Paula – Thanks for the greetings :) And sorry for taking so long to reply here! But yes, with a few more rounds gone I think you were living in lala land in regard to Alonso sorry ;) BUT, you never know how the Renault might improve for Spain :)

    Caitlin – I think Vettel is great too, but I think it’s more likely we’ll see Alonso at Ferrari and Vettel at Red Bull Racing (or at a stretch, BMW? :) )

    Do Honda really have bright green pants? I’ll have to keep a keener eye on the photos! ;)

    Danielo – Flinstone’s car… LOL! I love it! :D

    furido – I have a feeling you’ll get your wish… especially given their pole position in the last round.. :)

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