Canadian GP – Those Damn Stop Lights

{ Posted on Jun 10 2008 by dScribe }
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It seems not a year goes by where there isn’t an issue with the red light at the end of the pit lane during the Canadian Grand Prix. As a result, we’ve got a very interesting Formula One World Championship now… :)

Robert Kubica – A well deserved win, even with a bit of luck thanks to Lewis Hamilton. You have to give it to Kubica – he’s always there at the front this year. It’s ironic that in Canada last year he had his darkest moment and now he has his brightest. Very happy for the Pole! 8)

Nick Heidfeld – I feel Nick Heidfeld is one of those drivers that has had rough luck in F1 despite such an admirable effort. He was unlucky not to get on board with McLaren after being Mercedes’ golden child. He’s had a string of bad cars where he’s punched well above his weight. And now, his less-experienced teammate has come up with the first win for team he’s helped build for years. With all that said, Nick just hasn’t been a factor all year like Robert has. Sure, the fact that he has a smoother style and can’t warm his tyres quick enough in qualifying has compromised every race of his and he’s done great to fight back from low grid spots – but this is Formula One. If he’s got a problem in quali then he needs to change something – be it his driving style, set up, whatever… There’s really no excuses. Still, we feel for you Nick but get back to being Quick Nick before Alonso comes in and takes your seat… :)

Lewis Hamilton – Lewis is still a rookie in so many respects and in Canada it showed. With that said, I see shades of Michael Schumacher in him. Schumacher was also prone to some questionable moments but that’s ok when you drive that darn quick. Before the pit stops Lewis was in a class of his own. Canada is certainly a track that suits him and he probably would have had the win fairly easily if he didn’t stuff up.

Lewis Hamilton Red Light Crash Canada 2008

Kimi Raikkonen – Amazing composure from Kimi after being taken out by Lewis! Truly worthy of the ice-man tag. I think deep down Kimi probably knew if they both stayed in the race Lewis probably would have increased his lead in the championship. Even so, Kimi’s friendly pat on the back of Lewis was a great sporting gesture.

Fernando Alonso – Never really in the race but a great qualifying effort.

Felipe Massa – Could Ferrari mess this guy’s pit stops/strategy up any more? I don’t think it’s so much a case of Ferrari missing Ross Brawn, it’s just a case of the team lacking polish at the moment. Full credit to Felipe for a good fight back in the race and one of the best passes of the year (2 cars in one hit!) :)

David Coulthard – Good to see him back on the podium, but based on the performance throughout the year you have to feel for Mark Webber and the fact he wasn’t up there…

Timo Glock – 4th place is a great result but it was largely due to the retirement of so many of his competitors. The best part about the result for Timo is that he outperformed his teammate Jarno Trulli.

Heikki Kovalainen – Hmm… Nico Rosberg for McLaren in 2009? ;)

Nelson Piquet Jr – Thought I’d mention Nelsinho because he did seem to have a bit of speed this time around and looked very racey indeed (not that sort of “racey” girls! ;) ).

Kazuki Nakajima – It’s funny how it’s taken then commentators so long to realise Kazuki isn’t that bad at times. We saw some speed when Kazuki debuted last year, but admittedly got it wrong thinking he wouldn’t drive for Williams or Toyota this year. We’re still waiting for the next Ukyo Katayama though… ;)

12 Responses to “Canadian GP – Those Damn Stop Lights”

  1. I have to disagree on a couple points. One, Kimi was the fasted driver on track prior to the pit stops and having got out ahead of Hamilton, I would have put my money on him to win the race.

    Two, Alonso was looking very fast right on Kubica’s tail, but got stuck behind a heavy Heidfeld for too long and then spun off. He was just as fast as Kubica and for a minute there I thought he might win the race.

  2. hamilton had to choose,crash with very dangeours and fast kimi or kubica he chose kimi…,lot of drivers made mistake here,montoya,fisico,felipe and hamilton,robert will win the championship if he will use out of rivals mistakes and always grab a lot of points,he has very good chance to win the world title,hamilton start to be opinionated and he is more hatefully

  3. i agree with Steve, Kimi was showing some good speed and could have won the race, Alonso is just outdriving a car not as fast as him.
    Fairplay to your man Kubica and so to the rest of the people who finished a very difficult race.

  4. ROFL on Hamilton !


  6. I watched Hamiltons Final quali lap, and for the first time I thought, this guy really is good! However making a mistake like that was really foolish and I do think many of the others drivers would have kept their cool the way Kimi did. So my opinion of Hamilton drops back down to zero and Kimi is becoming a fast favorite of mine. Alonso (still the best)had to go for broke…and unfortunately did…sigh…

  7. Best day of my life, hands down.
    Oh, and during the driver’s parade… Nico Rosberg almost fell out of the car. I even have a picture of it.

  8. P.S. You don’t think it’s kinda shitty that Lewis Hamilton didn’t even acknowledge that he ruined Kimi’s race as well? Not even an apology. UNCOOL.
    Ever since the end of last year my view of him has been getting exponentially worse.
    Actually, the people on the Racing Bulls forum are starting to call him Blewit Hamilton… fitting.

  9. To Hamilton’s defense, We all make mistake. We just don’t have hundreds of thousands of people watching us. Remember; he is still a rookie.

  10. I’m not saying he did it on purpose. I’m just saying maybe it would have been a nice thing to recognize that your mistake destroyed someone else’s race as well. And maybe offer an apology.
    It would have been the classy thing to do.

  11. Obviously the weight of that diamond ring was more on Lewis’ mind that the red light!

  12. Hamilton is the man right now, people try and hate on him but he keeps on winning. Besides this incident with Kimi, Hamliton is having a fantastic year.

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