French GP – Renault goes up, Renault goes down

{ Posted on Jun 26 2008 by dScribe }
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The French Grand Prix proved to be yet another exciting race. This was mainly due to Lewis Hamilton pushing too hard yet again, but there were some other interesting points…

Felipe Massa – Thought I’d put Felipe first to get the boring part out of the way. Felipe’s drive was clearly 2nd rate today and he clearly deserved 2nd. At least it makes the championship a bit more exciting I guess! :)

Kimi Raikkonen – Kimi was both lucky and unlucky. Unlucky to have such a strange mechanical problem. Lucky to finish the race and not be brought into pits with the black and orange flag (dangerous mechanical what-nots :) ).

Jarno Trulli – Great drive! What more can be said? The only sad part is the Toyota seems a bit hit and miss. On some circuits it can be up the front, on a lot of other circuits it seems to linger around the back…

Heikki Kovalainen – In the first half of the race I thought Heikki was doing a pretty average job. By the end I thought “hey, he did pretty good after all”. Thinking back to the race now, I think he did an average job if not a bad job. It’s clear McLaren is so much further ahead of everyone but Ferrari so he should be getting 3rd, at least. I know his grid spot made it hard but I still have my doubts…

Fernando Alonso – What a major disappointment! He appeared to have good speed all weekend. I (and many others I think) thought a podium was possible – then we were brought back to reality and it was just another typical Renault result – albeit with Nelson Piquet Jr finally pulling his weight and then some more! :D

Lewis Hamilton – Every time Lewis came up behind someone I was just waiting for him to hit them. I’d say it happened about 50% of the time he was behind someone in the French GP… :P I’m not saying I wanted Lewis to crash out of the race or anything – I’m just saying I literally expect him to come into contact with most of the cars he raced with because he really does bump n grind a lot lately (especially with Nicole Scherzinger?)… ;)

Nelson Piquet Jr – Nelsinho! (did I spell that right??) Good to see him finally putting the Renault where it deserves to be! It’s amazing what talk of being dropped does to a driver…

BMW – Possibly a bigger disappointment than Fernando Alonso. Perhaps their car only works well on very fast circuits

Felipe Massa punch girl

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