Hungarian GP – Massa Actually does Win

{ Posted on Aug 05 2008 by dScribe }
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I can’t imagine what Felipe Massa is feeling right now. After some dodgy drives this year he put together a stunning and perfect performance on Sunday – and all for nothing. Well, almost for nothing…

Felipe Massa – He may not have finished first, but he definitely won on Sunday. Felipe has won our respect and no doubt the respect of many others. More importantly – he broke Lewis Hamilton – a psychological victory that is possibly worth more than 10 points. Lewis was miles quicker than anyone all weekend, yet Felipe managed to break his confidence by sticking it to him in the first corner. Lewis, surprisingly, had no comeback after that. As the track warmed up, so did Massa. 3 laps from his most outstanding victory ever his hopes went up in smoke… Let’s hope he doesn’t get too depressed over the result. At the end of the day he’s still in the championship fight and he’s proved he would be a worthy champion to everyone.

Timo Glock – Wow. Where did Toyota come from? Again, another driver bouncing back from an accident with such a strong drive! Definitely up there with Massa for driver of the day! :)

Lewis Hamilton – Everything was pointing to Lewis completely dominating again, until Massa broke that sense of invincibility. Very unlucky with yet another tyre failure. Keeps it interesting I guess :)

Kimi Raikkonen – Fernando Alonso is really starting to cause problems for Kimi in races isn’t he? The fact is though, Kimi should be further up the front in qualifying so he doesn’t have to deal with passing Alonso for the majority of the race. He had great race pace once in clear air. Makes you wonder what could have been… Still, valuable points in the bag so not a total disaster like previous races.

Heikki Kovalainen – Some may question why we put Heikki so far down on the review… Well, he wasn’t really a factor in the race despite winning it. It’s like Heikki is just there for the ride. The performance difference between him and Lewis is ridiculous. Let’s hope this victory gets the monkey off his back and increases his confidence so he can close that gap. Needless to say, Heikki was very lucky to inherit the win from Massa. At least he seems like a nice bloke so congrats Heikki! Just make sure it’s not a one-off!! 8)

Renault – A good strong race from both drivers. It’s always interesting to see how Nelson Piquet Jr keeps coming from a terrible grid position to a good result lately. And this time he didn’t even need the help of the pace car! ;)

BMW – Hmm… Has development stopped?

Refuelling Rigs – How many fires can you have in one day? Thankfully no-one was hurt. I wonder if the manufacturer of these rigs is the same manufacturer that’s made them all these years. It’s one thing that they don’t seem to work half the time, it’s another thing when safety is an issue…

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