Japanese GP – What were the Alonso Odds?

{ Posted on Oct 15 2008 by dScribe }
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Wow… I wonder what the odds of Fernando Alonso winning 2 Grand Prix this year were… 8)

Apart from Alonso putting in another great drive to back up his Singapore Grand Prix win, one thing was clear in Japan – both Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton are “sloppy” championship contenders.

Fernando Alonso – I can only imagine what Fernando could have done this year in a McLaren, Ferrari or even a BMW Sauber…

Lewis Hamilton – He talked a lot about how he was going to drive a smart race and not take any unnecessary risks. WTF!? I actually agree with the first corner penalty because it did screw up the races of many of his competitors. The fact that there was no contact is irrelevant – they all had to go off track to avoid his wild move up the inside.

Felipe Massa – Again, I agree with the penalty given here. I don’t understand why Felipe didn’t close the door while entering the corner instead of going crazy after Lewis passed him. Sloppy work. In many ways I think neither Felipe nor Lewis deserve the championship. Let’s give it to Vettel or Kubica or even Alonso.

Kimi Raikkonen – Hopefully this is the start of Kimi returning to form. He’s been sorely missed.

Robert Kubica – Great drive. Shame BMW didn’t develop this year’s car. He might have been leading the championship with Lewis and Felipe dropping the ball so much.

Nelson Piquet Jr – This guy seems to come out of nowhere to be in the points all the time. Great result for Renault. Will it be enough to keep his seat next year? Probably not..

Jarno Trulli – Showed he can still mix it with the youngins :)

Sebastian Vettel -Still solid. Let’s hope Toro Rosso can keep it up next year.

Sebastien Bourdais – It’s hard to tell whether his contact with Felipe Massa as he exited the pits was Massa’s fault or his. Massa did seem to have the racing line, but may have been able to give him a little bit of room…

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