Japanese GP – What were the Alonso Odds?

{ Posted on Oct 15 2008 by dScribe }
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Wow… I wonder what the odds of Fernando Alonso winning 2 Grand Prix this year were… 8)

Apart from Alonso putting in another great drive to back up his Singapore Grand Prix win, one thing was clear in Japan – both Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton are “sloppy” championship contenders.

Fernando Alonso – I can only imagine what Fernando could have done this year in a McLaren, Ferrari or even a BMW Sauber…

Lewis Hamilton – He talked a lot about how he was going to drive a smart race and not take any unnecessary risks. WTF!? I actually agree with the first corner penalty because it did screw up the races of many of his competitors. The fact that there was no contact is irrelevant – they all had to go off track to avoid his wild move up the inside.

Felipe Massa – Again, I agree with the penalty given here. I don’t understand why Felipe didn’t close the door while entering the corner instead of going crazy after Lewis passed him. Sloppy work. In many ways I think neither Felipe nor Lewis deserve the championship. Let’s give it to Vettel or Kubica or even Alonso.

Kimi Raikkonen – Hopefully this is the start of Kimi returning to form. He’s been sorely missed.

Robert Kubica – Great drive. Shame BMW didn’t develop this year’s car. He might have been leading the championship with Lewis and Felipe dropping the ball so much.

Nelson Piquet Jr – This guy seems to come out of nowhere to be in the points all the time. Great result for Renault. Will it be enough to keep his seat next year? Probably not..

Jarno Trulli – Showed he can still mix it with the youngins :)

Sebastian Vettel -Still solid. Let’s hope Toro Rosso can keep it up next year.

Sebastien Bourdais – It’s hard to tell whether his contact with Felipe Massa as he exited the pits was Massa’s fault or his. Massa did seem to have the racing line, but may have been able to give him a little bit of room…

11 Responses to “Japanese GP – What were the Alonso Odds?”

  1. Simply looking at numbers,
    Alonso in 05 had 82 points after 9 races! and Lewis has 84 after 16 races in 2008.

    Alonso is the most successful driver in the second half of the season with 35 points in 6 races. Both Lewis and Massa have about 20+. If this was race 10 of the season, I would have bravely put money on Alonso wining the championship in a Renault! Its a pity that Renault was so bad at the start of the season.

  2. i’m so happy for Alonso again….
    he is the best driver…..
    i didn’t wait another win for him this year but he won… WOW he is the best…VIVA ALONSO…!!!

  3. Maybe Kubica will by champion world?
    Congratulation Alonso:)
    Great job

  4. Just another proof of his driving abilities.
    Even with a bad – well, not so great – car he still manages to pull of some of the best moves of the season.

    Can’t wait to see what next season brings.

    Congrats, Fernando. Awesome job. ;)

  5. Finally even the commentators are admitting how great Alonso is………what the heck, lets just give him the championship! Lewis is going to blow it again I can just feel it!!

  6. ^^ What she said. Just give Fernando the championship and we’ll all be happy. Well, expect for Lewis, but that doesn’t really matter. lol

  7. Kubica 4 prez!

    Except I’m still kinda mad at him from the Canadian Grand Prix.

    I’d be happy if Massa wins too.

    Just not Lewis. Anybody but Lewis.

  8. im gutted for lewis in that race but i think its gonna make it all the more sweater when he’s crowned world champion. just to know that all the others against him and Ferrari International Assistance against him he still can pull it out the bag and give a big two fingers.
    5 points in it, its gonna be some end to the season!
    C’Mon Lewis!!! keep it out the gravel this year!

  9. Haas – Wow, that’s a big call (putting money on Alonso if it was race 10), but he certainly is proving his quality of late :)

    Chryso, Maya – Let’s hope he makes the right decision where to drive in 2009 :) It would be terrible for him to go somewhere else (like Honda?) after all the good work at Renault. But then again, maybe Honda might go better as they’ve been developing KERS for a while now… interesting times ahead :)

    Agata – That would have been great for Robert. But unfortunately it’s impossible now :( Then again, BMW don’t really deserve it for giving up their 2008 development so early (but Robert certainly does).

    Paula – Hehe :) You know, it’s a shame Fernando isn’t still at McLaren. I think things would have turned out a lot different. Not saying he would have won the WC by now or anything, but just to see the drama between him and Lewis…. :)

    Caitlin – I think after last season Alonso fans are generally not fond of Lewis right? :)

    Mair – Well now after China he’s almost there Mair… so you wish will most likely come true in Brazil :)

  10. I guess so? I’m not an Alonso fan so you would probably have to ask someone who is. I don’t know where you are getting this from.

  11. Sorry Caitlin – your name is so familiar as you’re a regular commenter (thank you!) and I got confused thinking you were one of the regulars in the “Alonso thread” that is on this site :)

    The good news is that at the end of the year we’ll be upgrading the system to notify people of new comments, let people have pictures and more easily track each other’s comments. Maybe then I’ll get it right hehe ;)

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