Chinese Grand Prix – Lewis Grabs Hold

{ Posted on Oct 21 2008 by dScribe }
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By dominating the Chinese Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton has almost guaranteed his first Formula One World Championship. You have to give it to the guy – every week he’s up there – and when it all falls into place he’s devastatingly quick – which is exactly what we saw in China.

Lewis Hamilton – A perfect race. The key was for him to have a clean start – which he did. After that, no dramas.

Felipe Massa – Felipe had nowhere near the pace of Hamilton. He didn’t even look close to teammate Raikkonen. No doubt he’ll put in a good show at Brazil (pole at all costs? Very light car perhaps? :) ), but he’ll need more luck than Kimi Raikkonen last year to pull this one off…

Kimi Raikkonen – Still improving his game back to where we expect, but still quite a way off the pace of the McLarens (well, at least Lewis’ McLaren).

Fernando Alonso – It’s quite simple. Get this guy in a competitive car and you’re guaranteed wins. Heck, put him in an average car and you’ll get wins :)

Nick Heidfeld – A better race than normal for Nick. Shame the early pace during the weekend didn’t translate into race pace.

Robert Kubica – You could see how disappointed he looked during qualifying. Shame he’s no longer in the championship hunt because as Kimi showed last year, anything can happen when you’re still in with a chance. But when the maths don’t add up, you’re out.

Heikki Kovalainen – Unlucky to have a tyre failure. Looked like he could have got some good points for McLaren in their bid for the constructors championship. Or as Felipe Massa put it, the “construction” championship 8)  I hate to tell Felipe, but if there was a construction championship McLaren would have won it years ago when they built the McLaren Technology Centre (AKA Paragon).

6 Responses to “Chinese Grand Prix – Lewis Grabs Hold”

  1. Massa is good f1 driver but Hamilton is better. I don’t like Lewis but he’ll by world champion.

  2. Dullest race I’ve ever seen, not including NASCAR (which takes the cake for boring).

  3. Absolute domination all weekend from Lewis. top job sir!!
    Boring race but as Ron Dennis said – Another boring one like that will do just nicely in Brazil if Lewis lifts the top prize.
    Really felt for Heikki, two races in a row now on for good points and keep mclaren in touch with the constructors but lucks not on his side… think we might see an all new and improved massa inspired Heikki next year? he’l be fighting for the seat so no reason why not!

  4. Boring, boring, boring………its no fun unless Hamilton does something daft……which he usually does, but not this time, to be fair.

  5. Agata – I think you’re right :)

    Caitlin – LOL @ the NASCAR comment! :) Poor Juan Pablo Montoya ;)

    Mair – I kind of miss Lewis doing crazy things during the race ;) But he has to have another “dull” race to ensure his Drivers Championship this weekend :) As for Heikki, I really hope he can get it together (Kimi too).

    Paula – LOL! Yeah, we had a good run of Hamilton craziness didn’t we? ;)

  6. u stop at top teams.. do come down for FORCE INDIA TEAM drivers
    my home team

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